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1977 Stilwell, - Adair County, Oklahoma hoax

Was Bob Titmus as a fraud, a hoaxer of evidence, tracks, hair and scat?
Those who worked with him say he didn't know moose scat from horse droppings!

The Ivan Marx Footage By Peter Byrne, 2003

Daniel Perez unravels the September 2000 Skookum Cast hoax

Loren Coleman hoax
es bigfoot track to look like his fabricated "nape" invention
Loren Coleman continues his "nape" hoax here:
Loren Coleman a thief? Peter Byrne comments on Coleman's "deplorable behavior..."

Bigfoot in a Freezer Hoax staged August 15, 2008 in Georgia = HOAX
Two Georgia Men, Matthew Gary Whitton and Chuck Dyer claimed they
stored a Bigfoot corpse in a freezer. It turned out to be a frozen ape suit
with animal entrails rotting in it. and this YouTube video:
The Bigfoot in Georgia claim is a hoax August 15, 2008
Philip Morris Costume Manufacturer verses Roger Patterson
Is the Patterson Film Too Good a Hoax? Fate Magazine article 2002
The BFRO Marble Mountain Footage Hoax
Stabilized version by MK Davis of Marble Mountain footage
Separating Fact from Fiction
The BFRO Sonoma Footage, a complete ruse...
O Memorial Day Footage...
The Snow Walker Film Footage
Fouke, Arkansas Hoax, 1971

The Fouke Monster Hoax
The October 19
97 Danny Sweeten Texas Hoax, investigated by Scott McNabb

The Gable Film debunked...MonsterQuest: the mystery is solved... 3/25/10
Regarding the IMAX film where the bear is chasing a caribou herd, why would a
bigfoot chase a herd of caribou as seen in that video when they are said to be as
proficient with stone placement & rock throwing as reports in the database show?
Caribou follow the tundra where there is no shelter or cover for would be
uncharacteristic for a BF to follow caribou herds... the heated discussions about that
footage is much to do about nothing...
Perhaps not a full bore hoax per se, there is this commentary on the Rick Jacobs photo:
The same research organization that brought you such hoaxes as the Danny Sweeten Hoax, Memorial Day footage, the hoaxed Skookum cast, the Silver Star Mountain Sasquatch image, the Marble Mountain images, the Pancake video, and the ridiculous Sonoma Footage, the silly IMAX video now bring you night-cam photos taken in Pennsylvania of a skinny under-nourished black bear cub being promoted as (drum-roll, are you ready for this?)..... "a baby bigfoot." -- Such fertile imaginations are the backbone of that organization.
....and the backside or hind-quarters of the bear in this photo may further support
the black bear cub analysis...
Faked Tracks? The Nape Track and Ape-Nape photos

The 2006 Naples Florida Costume Hoax (Judy Caseley)

The Susan Larson Faked tracks case, late 1990's

The Georgia Bigfoot in a freezer caper is officially a hoax

The Prince Edward Island footage was staged...

Dewdney, B.C., Halloween Costume

The Johor, Malaysia Hominid Photo Hoax

Atoka County, Oklahoma Costume Hoax 2006

The New York Hans Mobius Hoax 2006

The UK Bolam Hoax 2003

1977 Agawam Massachusetts 27-inch tracks were hoaxed...

The Hoaxers,
August 2002 Fate Magazine article

The Kevin Kimberley Harrison Lake Photo Hoax 2004

Shiawassee County, Michigan 1978

The Venezuelan Ape Man de Loys' ape

Stevens County, WA Hoaxster, August 2004

Bigfoot Freezer Story Hoaxed, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 2001

Two Articles out of Agawam, Massachusetts, 1977

Florida Hoaxer Holds Festival

1975 Hoaxer Confesses 27 years later...

Canadian Bus Driver Hoax, 1977

Patterson-Gimlin Film Resolution Discussion

Hollywood on the P/G Film

London Daily Telegraph

The Yeti was a Rock?

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