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Halloween Sasquatch Spotted in Dewdney, British Columbia 2006

The sasquatch sighting report in the newspaper as published below was a 2006 Halloween prank done to entertain the children on a passing boat. I spoke to Jo-Ann Chadwick and her husband and they assured me that it would be a waste of time for us to follow up as they very very strongly believe it was, as we can see, a costume done for some of the kids who are always talking about sasquatch to their parents and their friends. It was a fun trip heading down river to Kilby to visit the Haunted House display there for Halloween. Even though Mrs Chadwick did not confess to the hoax I have the feeling that is what they were trying to tell me. It was just a fun thing for the kids; they never thought real investigators would try to follow up.
... Thomas Steenburg

Newspaper article courtesy Ken Kristian, BC

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