Bigfoot Encounters
Ape - Nape Photo Comparison

These comparisons were done by Zack Clothier
The Nape photograph is copyrighted Loren Coleman 1962

The word "nape" is a term generally consigned to Loren Coleman to mean 'North American ape.' But North America has no fossil record of indigenous apes. There may be feral apes (escapees from enclosures for one reason or another) but these would NOT be related to the sasquatch-like creature because apes are quadrupeds and the sasquatch is bipedal. We have no history, no fossil record of apes or anything scientifically named "napes" in the United States and Canada... therefore one must regard anything labeled 'nape print' or 'nape' as the invention of the author who published claims to have cast them, in this case Loren Coleman or perhaps Mark A. Hall. ...Bobbie Short, 2002

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