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Creature From theAvalanche, Misidentification or Hoax?

Misidentification or Hoax? The yeti was a rock...
Story Exposed in Science Frontiers #57 May-June 1988

The original story was titled: "The Creature from the Avalanche," and was uploaded here after a huge flap that claimed it was real:

In "Science Frontiers" #51, a news item about photographs taken in the Himalayas by A.B. Wooldridge were thought to show a Yeti or an abominable snowman.

The Issue of Cryptozoology ((Wooldridge, Anthony B.; "The Yeti: A Rock After All?" Cryptozoology, 6:135, 1987.) contains a letter from Wooldridge in which he tells of his return in 1987, to the site where the 1986 photos were taken.

The bush in the 1986 photos was still there; the Yeti wasn't; the snow was somewhat deeper. Wooldridge and some companions took more pictures of the site:

"Stereo pairs of photos taken in 1987 have been used to produce a three dimensional map of the terrain near the bush. When this is used to derive an absolute scale for pairs of photos from 1986, it shows that, whatever I photographed in 1986, lies below the snow level in the 1987 photos. The object is leaning slightly uphill, and no movement can be detected when comparing photos taken at different times in 1986. The apparent change in position relative to the bush in some photos taken from different camera positions is caused by parallax. This evidence demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that, what was believed to be a stationary, living creature was, in reality, a rock."

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