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The Marble Ridge Footage Hoax: July 2000

Siskiyou County, California
Marble Mountain Range Hwy 3 not far from Ft. Jones...

Originlly the BFRO reported this as a 'Class A report' evidently without much image analysis because
the subject gingerly takes tiny baby steps downhill midway through the video here:
There is nothing Sasquatch-like in the movement of the subject.
The BFRO has it uploaded here:
These are the same folks that brought you the hoaxed Sonoma footage, the
misidentification of the Memorial Day footage, the Skookum cast, the IMAX footage, the
Rick Jacobs bear and the Danny Sweeten Texas hoax; all much-to-do-about-nothing.
Apparently, none of them pay much attention to what is known about Sasquatch
locomotion - in this case the subject takes tiny uncharacteristic Sasquatch steps - nothing
like the general 52 to 60-inch walking stride that is well known among researchers.
Humans lock the rear knee in the forward thrust of the forward leg, the Sasquatch does not.
It never walks with a locked knee - and with a heavily calloused/padded sole of the foot,
there is no need to walk gingerly as we see in the Marble Mountain footage. This is a hoax!

Marble Mtn Image:
When analyzing a film image, the technician must work with what is in the image.
The perpetrators of this set of images thought that they were beyond resolution limits, and they were.
But they were not beyond the limits of extrapolating color schemes from the images.
"The color schemes in the Marble Mountain footage definitely show lines of demarcation
that can be followed from frame to frame....strongly suggestive of clothing."
Veteran film Analyst Marlon "MK" Davis - 23 November 2006

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