Prince Edward Island Video is a staged performance...

Where is Prince Edward Island?

Prince Edward Island

Nathan Wiley wrote: "I live on Prince Edward Island, a small island on
the east coast of Canada. Growing up in the small town, several friends and I have been making out own movies for a few years. Well, for one of these movies, we needed a shot of our buddy running out of a woods (has was supposed to be being chased by bad guys) we trudged out to the middle of nowhere (easy to do where I live) and shot this scene out in the deep woods.

While our friend runs out of the woods, something runs across the screen behind him and we have no idea what it was. All I know is, it looks huge, black and furry and seems to start out running on all fours and then proceed at the end to get up on it's back legs and run. There aren't any bears on the island either so we have no idea what is it. We told the local media and they didn't take us seriously, so we're kind of keeping it to ourselves and agreed to show you guys and find out what you think.." Nathan Wiley...

The obviously staged performance is uploaded over on the YouTube dot com website: There are no bears on the island and PEI is on the east coast, it is not an island off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. Nathan Wiley was just looking for his five minutes of fame...he has it now. The story was hoaxed....
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