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Snow Walker Film Footage ...

When referencing the Snow walker footage, Dr. Jeff Meldrum is quoted as saying on The Paranormal Borderline television broadcast on UPN, March 12, 1996: "We're talking about an indivcidual (Sasquatch) somewhere between 8 and 10 feet tall in height..."
Dr. Meldrum was wrong again...

The "Snow Walker film footage," as it was labeled, was one of the most elaborate hoaxed films ever produced. It was created by the Fox Television Network, the same network that created the Alien Autopsy hoax video.

The footage was created for Paramount's UPN show, Paranormal Borderline, ostensibly by the show's producers. The show aired from March 12 to August 6, 1996.

Its origins had nothing to do with Fox Television, although Fox purchased and used the footage in their later program on The World's Greatest Hoaxes. 

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