British Columbia
Bigfoot Encounters

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Bella Coola

Fort Nelson, the Alaskan Highway 1991 updated with photo of track..2005
Harrison River - Chehalis Flats, vocalization recorded 2006 Listen to recording...
Island Highway Women Drivers narrowly miss hitting Sasquatch, Dec 9, 2004
Golden Ear Provincial Park, tracks found February 2007
Logan Lake, British Columbia near Kamloop
, approx 1999-2000
Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC 1988
Nanoose Bay, 1982
Near Kamloops, B.C., May 2004
Nine Stories from British Columbia
Northcoast, BC 1998
Kitwancool, 1983

Long Beach, Vancouver Island November 10, 2002
Port Hardy near Dawson's Landing Summer 2004
Salmon Anglers see Sasquatch
Pitt Lake area, British Columbia from the 1960's to 1995
Salmo, Hidden Valley Creek 1984-85
Sea Bird Island
Skidegate, Queen Charlotte Islands
Terrace, July 2005 w/track photo...
Vancouver Island
A reference to hairy men in a book
Weeks Lake, Vancouver Island 1983

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Old Report:
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Bigfoot Killed; Bigfoot kills Indians
Gayle Highpine said she had heard in Cranbrook that at the turn of the century there was a rogue Yeiku killing people near Windermere in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. The Indians banded together and killed the beast. There are other legends similar to this from the mouth of the Frasier River.