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Long Beach, Vancouver Island British Columbia
November 13, Wednesday 2002

A Sasquatch report was just featured on BCTV's 6 o'clock news.
It stated that there has recently been "several sightings" of Sasquatch by people traveling on the highway between Port Alberni and Tofino, and near Long Beach on Vancouver Island. A large dark haired creature with reddish-orange eyes - and walking on two legs - was seen today off the highway between Port Alberni and Tofino by two Vancouver Island men.
Reported by Ken Kristian

Perhaps related incident:
In a separate report from two Nuxalt anglers, while fishing about 30 yards offshore said they saw two boqs either playing or after something that was on the rocky shoreline in the same general area of Long Beach. Neither man wanted to tell me their names but the report came in separately and before the television news made it public.

The men described the boqs as large shouldered, shiny black in colored and covered with thick hair but not as long as the bears of that region on the mainland side and said, "you know, they looked like all boqs look, covered with a length of hair."

They said one of the creatures was keeping an eye on them while the other scrambled about the rocks after something they couldn't make out. Both creatures were wet in appearance and made no effort to leave but stayed out in the open going about whatever Boqs do.

After watching the activity for some minutes, the informants reportedly left the area out of respect for the boqs but were too astonished to do anymore fishing and returned home. A grand-daughter, Alissa, emailed me about the incident, saying that her "Pops" was quite surprised to have seen the creatures. (Alissa, Vancouver Island, BC)

Filed by Bobbie Short, Sunday evening, November 10, 2002