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Logan Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Nearest big city - Kamloop

he informants, a man and his wife were not too far from me camping in the summer of 2000 and during their stay they were experiencing some rather frightful events.

The reason they contacted me was because they had come across my sighting and because theirs happened so close they wanted to talk to me.

They were camping for 2 weeks and during this time their food was being taken and even some clothes were missing. They thought maybe coyotes or even bears, -but one morning after hearing something in the campsite during the night , they woke up to find everything tossed around the campsite even the guys boat on a trailer was moved a few feet.

One night in particular, something hit the side window and broke it and in the morning they found a large rock sitting there in the dirt.

On another night they said it sounded like a few people were outside their camper mumbling Jill said it was like someone had their mouth full of food. I pictured pictured a sasquatch eating all their food and trying to talk to each.

After that morning incident they cleaned up and had breakfast when Jill had noticed bare foot prints just off to the side of their camper and they said it was obvious to them by the size of the prints that the visitor during the night had to be a sasquatch, nothing else.

They said the prints were around 18 inches long; the man put his size 12 foot inside the print and there were still 5 or so inches more in length.

They told me that a couple days later they were out in the boat fishing and actually saw this thing in their campsite while they were out in the boat apparently it was throwing their stuff around and making a mess of things.

The couple described the sasquatch as a reddish brown with long arms and a funny shaped head. They believed it to be a male because of it's bulk, size and height which they say was about 7-8 feet tall.

I asked if it could have been a bear and they both replied, "As God is our witness, that we saw was a sasquatch." After describing the arms, legs, head and all, there was nothing else it could have been.

Personally, judging by their body language and the way they were trembling while talking to me, I believe them 100%, no doubt whatsoever.

The older couple said they waited in the boat for a while until they were certain it was gone and as fast as they could they chucked everything in the camper and left the area, only packing up properly when they got to the town where they ended up staying in that night.

The couple were in the their 60's, very clean, neat and polite I can't see these two spinning a tale because it's been almost 6 years since that time and they preferred not to be bothered about it.

The sighting area is no more than a 40 minute car ride from me and it's exciting because I've actually heard of another sighting in that area but I didn't pay much attention to the person at the time, but now I'm going to try and track him down to hear what he has to say.

I'm wondering if maybe there is a Sasquatch and it could still be in that area?

Tim Martindale
Merritt, BC

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