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British Columbia, Canada
May 10, 2004

Area from Merritt heading southeast on the Coquihalla ( #5 ) Highway towards Kamloops and about 30 minutes from Merritt on the right hand side of the road –The nearest town would be Kamloops B.C. Coquihalla, Highway on a cloudy warm afternoon about 3:30 p.m.

Like many people the informant was a bit reluctant to report this initially. He already wrote the local paper about his sighting, it made front-page news.

On Monday May 10, I was on my way from Merritt to pick up my wife and daughter at the hospital in Kamloops and I saw the coolest thing ever. As I was driving the Coquihalla Highway I saw what I thought was a father and son fishing in this pond about a 300-500 feet off the highway. As I was coming nearer I realized the pond they were standing beside was just a scum pond of sorts and I said to myself they couldn't be fishing cause there's no fish in that pond. The pond was fresh water swamps surrounded by pine trees except for the area that I could see from my car.

Then suddenly I thought these aren't people they're bears, man was I wrong! Coming even closer to these two animals the one on the left bent down to get a drink I suppose and even though it was bent over, it was still taller then the smaller one on the left which was staring straight at me. They both had straight black hair and I could make out lighter color's on the smaller ones face. It was so fascinating. I didn't have the time to stop and watch because I was late as it was for the hospital but as God as my witness what I saw was a father and son Bigfoot standing at the edge of a pond. One other thing is that when the bigger of the two bent down I could see the way the left leg was bent and I could see the form of the hip and upper thigh and these weren't bears. I'm a father of 2 and a first aid attendant for the IWA union and I'm not a drug user or drinker so I know what I saw. I don't know if this info is helpful or not but it's what I saw.

After this happened to me I looked around the net to see if anyone had ever had this happen to them before and I found that over the years there have been other sighting around this area. Where I live the mountains are all around us and it's a heavily forested area

Tim Martindale

Logged June 20, 2004 -- The informant was initially interviewed on the telephone by Mel Skahan for the BFRO. Not long after that Martindale was interviewed again in person and the site investigated by veteran sasquatch investigator-accomplished Canadian author Tom Steenburg in July, 2004. In a phone call I had with Steenburg, coupled with his investigation and Skahan's, it was determined Martindale's encounter is authentic.

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Bobbie Short, uploaded August 2004