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Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
June, 1988
Near: Nanaimo off Nanaimo Lakes Road
Mount Benson in the Vancouver Island Range...

The area is a mountain river valley at the base of a mountain. Mostly Douglas fir and Sitka spruce, with a lot of poplars (I think) birch, and scrub brush down near the river. Quite remote from nearby civilization as it is 10 miles or so farther off the very end of a barricaded logging road, which has a few summer cottages.

This happened between 6 AM and 7 every morning over the course of the last week of June. The closest water would be the Nanaimo River and the farthest of its lakes.

I was on a solitary fishing trip/ retreat and had a tent set up own in the valley of the river. Every morning around the same time I was awakened by the sounds of several voices hooting and sort of chattering. Like the apes you see on he wildlife TV specials. I was scared stiff the first time, peeked out the tent flap, and saw a family group of 4 man-like creatures splashing around in the river. A male, a female and twins.

This happened every day starting on the second morning I crawled out of the tent and just sat watching. They noticed me and I felt like the youngsters wanted to investigate but the adults held them back.

On the last morning I was up and out of the tent and making breakfast by the time they arrived. Instead of going to the water they sat down watching me! Talk about unnerving! If only I had taken a camera, I could have got some truly amazing shots just then.

The adult male stood about 8 feet tall and was massively built throughout the chest and shoulders. Large biceps and thighs. Fairly human looking genitalia was pretty well hidden by longer hair. His hair was almost black and about 4 inches long on his head and neck, gradually becoming around an inch long on the rest of him. Actually it seemed to form a sort of longer girdle on the pelvic area. All their faces were similar, with a Cro magnon sort of look, brow ridge, and deep-set dark brown eyes. There was no hair around the eyes or mouth area and they have a bit of a beard as well. Their hands are just like ours except on a larger scale and hair on the backs. The most striking feature about them was the eyes. They are not dumb animals! And they understand that fire can hurt them. One little ones was going to pick up an ember that spit out of my campfire and the mother grabbed its hand and slapped it, then made a very human pain-filled wincing expression and sucked her fingers while shaking her head at the little one. Now you tell me what bear can do that!

As I understand there have been fires in the past in that area so it stands to reason the adults would know how destructive it is. The female was a good foot shorter than the male and of a slighter build. She did have fuzz-covered breasts with very prominent nipples. Her coloring was almost the color of an orangutan. She also looked to weigh about half of his weight.

The little twins: I call them so because they were identical in all respects except there was a male and a female. Their fur was not like the adults. It was more like fuzz that you see on a puppy or kitten until the adult coat grows in. When I say little ones I mean little. They were only tabletop height at best and tottered just like human babies do during their first few years.

I have NEVER told any one about this because the place would have turned into a circus sideshow, so I hope you do not give specific location details if you publicize this account.

In closing I would like to say that these are gentle, caring family oriented creatures. They showed me no aggression at all and if I had been able to stay longer I might have been able to befriend them. They are a miracle as far as I am concerned. They have restored my faith in the mystical wonders of nature. Please do not do anything to destroy their peacefulness.

Maggie Holloway
Phone number and contact details withheld at Holloway's request.

Spell corrected and noted interest in this case by Dr. John Bindernagel May 6, 2010