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Vancouver British Columbia

It was along time ago 1983. I was fishing at Weeks Lake on Vancouver Island with my dad and brother dad being a logger at the time had all keys to the gates to get way back in the logging roads to unfished-out lakes. We heard a scream of some sort that went on for 15 to 20 seconds and my dad having heard cougars and bears hunted all his life never heard anything like it in his life. I'll never forget my dad's face as he scowered the tree line for what ever was making that sound. It was dusk at the time and the tree line was black; we were in the middle of the lake.

We were supposed to camp there for the night but there was no way in hell I was staying there and my brother 4 years older them me wasn't to enthused about staying either. I am 29 now and have never heard anything like that sound since and I will never for get it.

Another story that happened at my dad's logging outfit in Sooke, B.C., where a fellow working on the high lead tower encountered a sasquatch. I don't know of any truth to the story except my dad told us and mom that one of the crew men nick named filter Bill was changing the oil on one of the machines up in the bush, into his crummy to have a coffee while the oil drained out and had a boulder land on the hood of the truck. He got out looked around thought nothing of it then went in and had another sip of coffee then another boulder hit the roof much bigger this time. He figured it fell from the bank above the crummy (work truck) but walked down the road a bit to a corner for a look around when a creature ran down the bank. He said it took 2 strides and was across the logging road then down the other side. He then got on the radio in the truck and had someone come and get him he was in shock and freaking out. He then said he would not go back out in the bush so the company had told him either he goes back in the bush or he gets fired. He ultimately quit and I never heard anything else about it.

Sorry for the bad typing skills but I'm in a rush and thought someone might want to check this out; the incident happened in the mid to late 80's

Filed in the database, Sunday December 28, 2003