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Port Hardy, British Columbia
Summer 2004

I am Inuit, living in the general vicinity of Port Hardy on the nothern tip of Vancouver island. Before this, I lived on Prince Rupert Island. I wasn't sure where to report this, and didn't want any ridicule from people who don't believe in Sasquatch. Perhaps you can assist me.

A friend and I went up to catch the big Salmon run in River's Inlet in July 2004.  We drove up to Port Hardy, then took a float plane to Dawson's
Landing, where a friend of his had a large boat where we would stay for a week.

We took a smaller boat into the inlet one foggy morning. While cruising, we saw what we thought was a bear by the edge of the water. We were about 150 metres away and cut the engine so we wouldn't scare it.

Let me say that there is no hint of civilization anywhere near there at all. Just the occasional fisherman in a boat, but that's about it.

We were just drifitng towards shore, and when we got to about 30 metres from the animal, it stood up, and it was no bear. It looked like a cross between an ape and a tall man. I joked that it was a "hung-over, unshaven Dave Semenko" (former defensman for the Edmonton Oilers, and a favourite of mine)

The creature, and I WILL call it a Sasquatch now that I know they exist, watched us without appearing scared. As you know, there are no brakes on a boat, and we continued to drift towards him, until we got to about  15 metres from shore when my friend panicked and started the engine.

He feared we would run aground at the feet of the Sasquatch. It had been standing ankle-deep in the water, and jumped quickly about  2 metres up the bank when the engine kicked over, but didn't run away. My friend reversed the boat, then cut the engine again when we we well clear of the shore, about 30 metres out. The Sasquatch made a whistling sound, then grunted like a pig. It picked up a branch and started beating the dirt and shallow water with it.

It kind of roared, for lack of a better word, then threw the stick, awkwardly, (like a girl throwing with her opposite hand) and it landed in the water a few meters, perhaps 4, from shore. And as quick as can be, it ducked up behind a tree and was gone. We didn't hear it moving and thought that it might be standing still, but we could see nothing. We waited for about 10 minutes, then decided that the show was over. Our total time watching each other was less than 5 minutes, though it seemed longer.

It was a dark brown in colour, with hair all over save for it's hands and face. The face and hands appeared black and leathery. I would guess the hair was 10-12 centimetres in length. It was large, I would guess 2.5 metres tall, and easily 180 kilograms in weight, likely more. Hard to say when you are experiencing something like this!
The massive shoulders gave no indication of a visible neck; it was as though the head was one with the torso. We told a friend of his about the encounter, and his friend said that his father had seen Sasquatch 3 times. Once inland from Bella Coola, and twice in our general vicinity.

I'll tell you how I felt, and it's a little difficult to describe. I made a hole-in-one 4 years ago. I felt giddy and blessed at the same time, knowing that the powers-that-be had chosen me, for some reason, to have a stroke of luck that defies logic or reason. I know many golfers far better than I who have NOT made an ace. I decided that it was my moment, my turn, if you will, for fate to give me a kiss, rather than a kick.
After reflecting on our encounter, I felt very much the same as that.

There it is. I don't believe I've left anything out. I will ask a favour, and that is please to not use my full name. You know how people are.

Report file February 3, 2005
Investigator Jack Loud Bird