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Skidegate, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

There have been many sightings of Sasquatches here on the Queen Charlotte Islands British Columbia. You see them anywhere in the village of Skidegate. On this island, the Sasquatch is a very big creature that is really hairy and stinks. Many people here believe that what attracts them to the village is noise since they are such curious creatures.

It was said that an old woman in the village used to leave her back curtain open and talk to the Sasquatch in our language, which is Haida. The Sasquatch would talk back in some weird gibberish. There are many sightings of Sasquatches here. They call the Sasquatch gogiet. Our island is located 50 miles off the northern coast of British Columbia Canada.

From <names withheld>
Skidegate, QCI, B.C. Canada, Sunday 26 November 2000