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British Columbia, Canada
December 9, 2004

B.C.T.V. Global News reported on the 6 o'clock news tonight (December 09, 2004) that two women driving in a car on the Island Highway last night at 8:30 p.m. between Port Alberni and Tofino narrowly missed hitting a large Sasquatch that had stepped on to the roadway in front of them. According to the witness, the Sasquatch stood its ground directly in front of the vehicle until it became scared by other approaching cars and quickly ran into the forest the at roadside.

This is the same area where there was a sighting by the Frank family in 2002.

The women described the animal being cover in dark fur and between six and seven feet tall. They stated it looked more human than ape-like. The witnesses also stated that it was not a bear.
Veteran Sasquatch investigator and biologist John Bindernagel did an interview for BCTV News showing various tracks castings he and his wife had found near Great Central Lake on Vancouver Island. He also mentioned that he believed it would only be a matter of time before a Sasquatch is hit by a car offering proof to the scientific community that North America's Great Ape does exist.

[Ape? Didn't the informant just say it was more human??]

Report courtesy Ken Kristian and John Kirk...