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Salmo, Hidden Valley Creek, British Columbia, Canada
July 1984-85 in the afternoon…
The closest water was a river, or Hidden Valley Creek

The location details are rusty - But, I can tell you the general location (it has been 15 years since that time). I was camping with my parents - near the town of Salmo, BC.  The campsite at that time was called Hidden Valley Creek.  I have always enjoyed the wilderness and that day I took my dog for a walk.  We crossed the road of the campsite to a dirt road.  The dirt road led to a bridge and a railway track.  I decided to follow that railway track along the river.  The dog was on a leash at the time of the walk.  We walked for about 1/2 mile down the track and for no apparent reason the dog became nervous and jumpy.  Then stop and refused to go any further (she pulled against the leash and wanted to go back the way
we came).  I have never seen my dog acted like this before.  I tried pulling on the leash but the dog fought me.  Then at this point four things happened that I remember clearly. 

1.  I did not hear any more birds (they went dead silent). 
2. A god-awful smell  - almost like a rotting carcass was in the air. 
3. The sound of something heavy going thru the bush slowly. 
4. I had a feeling that someone was watching me. 

With the dog wining and pulling on the leash and the hairs standing straight up on my back I ran out of there as fast as I could.  It was very rocky - 6ft embankment to the river from the
railway track.  The river was fast moving and about 15-20ft in length across the river…

I thought I saw something large and black moving thru the bush.  But, tree shadows do play trick on the eyes – especially when you are scared.  I have been hunting with that dog and she has never acted like that before.  Even with bears she would bark and growl.

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