Bigfoot Encounters: Submit a Sighting

In which state did your sighting occur?
Which county?
If outside the U.S.A. please name country and province.
What is the nearest city to the sighting?
If your sighting occured in a national forest, please name it:
If your sighting occured in a mountain range, please name it:
What was the month?
What was the year?
Time of day?
What was the closest water source (lake, river, or tributary)?
What is the closest road or highway?
Do you have a GPS location of the sighting?

Describe what you saw in detail:

Describe the terrain:

Describe the creature you saw:

The information below will be kept strictly confidential:

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Who else, if anybody, have you notified?
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If you have any questions or extra comments:

Thank you for your submission, it helps researchers track bigfoot activity.

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