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A Nez Perce Legend called "The Seven Devil Mountains...

In the Valley of Peace, A Seatco legend...

Tales of the Bella Coola Boqs...

The Hare Indians and their Bushmen, Lariyi n

The Gift by the Storyteller

1800's - Tolowa Recollections, Catherine's story

1924 -- The Seeahtik Tribe, Extinct Sasquatch?

The Lofa: - A Chickasaw Legend, -1926

Two Tales of the Kentucky Yeahoh, -1957

David Thompson, 1811, Journal Entry

The Modoc Man and Sasquatch, The Tulelake Story -1870's
Many Smokes, National American Indian Magazine, Fall 1968

The Giant Choctaw Monster "Shampe" by Kyle Thompson

The Frank Dan Story at Morris Creek, 1936,
Another J.W. Burns Tale, teacher on the Chehalis Reservation

Introducing British Columbia's Hairy Giants by John W. Burns, Chehalis Reserve 1929

The Hairy Giants of British Columbia, -1940 by John W. Burns, Chehalis Indian Reservation.
Corresponding 1957 news article can be found

The Hairy Giant of Laidlaw, BC., 1950.

The Stenwyken Legend, The Wildman of Okanagan Valley,
British Columbia, Canada -1962

Search Magazine
"The Man Who Touched Bigfoot and Native Legends"
Modoc County, California 1965.

The Spokane Indians, 1975
Wenachee Washington Daily Word News Article.

Big figure
"Kwakiutl Legends" By James Wallas, 1981.

Big figure and the smoked salmon
"Kwakiutl Legends" By James Wallas, 1981.


Big Figure's Wife
"Kwakiutl Legends" by James Wallas, 1981


Limpets Kwakiutl Legends by James Wallas 1981.

The Ogress Haboo Native American Stories from Puget Sound, 1985.


Choanito The Wenatchee Tribe's "Night People"

The Skanicum Lake Band Tribe

S'cwene'yti and The Stick Indians of the Colvilles
The Interaction of Large Bipedal Hominids with American Indians
by Dr. Ed Fusch, Anthropologist, 1992 — a must read...

Wood Devils Coos County New Hampshire

Tales from the Kitimaat Village, 1998
Bucwas, Bucwish, Sasquatch & other varied spellings for the same creature

Attitudes Toward Bigfoot By Gayle Highpine

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