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Hundreds of people have reported seeing a large, hairy, human-like creature lurking in the remote regions of California, mostly Northern and central California, which is  popular location for summer houses. We can only imagine the numbers of encounters and sightings which have gone unreported. The average person doesn't know what he just saw and surely doesn't know he can report such things. If the thought occurs, he doesn't know who or where to report the encounter. There are several people in California and elsewhere who would be interested in listening to your report. They are listed below.

The highest rate of sightings and recovered footprints are in the Northwestern most part Northern California near the Oregon border around the Humboldt Forest, Bluff Creek, Hoopa, Weitchpec, Orleans, Somes Bar and Willow Creek, located between Crescent City to the North and Eureka to the South; between Interstate 5 and Highway 101 on Highways 299 and 96. Why this general location has more sightings reported is not known. Perhaps because an increase in summer back-packers, bikers, campers, fisherman, would-be trackers and the fact that much has been written about this general area and Bigfoot. A growing number of recent sightings have been listed in the Mt. Shasta region of California. In addition, many California Highway Law Enforcement and Forestry Service take these encounters and sightings as matter-of-fact and are for the most part go unreported as public sightings.

Other California cities with a number of reported sightings are Mt. Lassen, Mt. Shasta, Weed, Round Mountain, Elk Creek, Caribou, Happy Camp, Clear Creek, Trinity Alps, Weaverville, Salyer, Crescent Mills, Modoc County, Lake Oroville, Hayfork, Hyampom, Vacaville, the Lake Tahoe area, Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes, Bear Valley; and in the coastal cities of Eureka, Yreka, Fort Bragg, Orick, Crescent City, San Rafael and Olema as far south as El Capitan Reservoir and Alpine in San Diego County near the Mexican border where a family of 3 were sighted in the 1970's by a San Diego psychologist.  

Unlike the Eastern reports, the California Bigfoot is extremely shy, illusive and while he seems curious, he is rarely aggressive when confronted by humans. Reports vary from state to state. Although kidnapping is sometimes reported, the victim is never harmed. Occasional acts of Bigfoot heroism occur, read sighting #61 listed in the Mt. Shasta area. Both sexes and offspring have been observed, usually in summer and fall. With a strong gelish frame, agility, and speed (one was clocked at 35 MPH), Bigfoot is a good swimmer and are often seen near and around bodies of fresh water; streams, lakes and rivers. They are notable for a putrid, rank odor. Bigfoot enjoys a broad diet ranging from fish, rodents, and deer to fruits, berries and various vegetation. Bigfoot calls consist mostly of whistles, howls and shrieks similar to those of a mountain lion but has been reported imitating many different forest sounds. Most of all, the sasquatch is huge in stature: specimens up to 14 feet tall have been reported (tallest in Canada) with human-like tracks ranging from 11 to 21 inches long but averaging about 16 inches here in California. To follow are various sightings and encounters in California which range from the earliest cataloged reports in the '50's to today. While there is a report included here from 1886, it appears that reports were feverish in the '50's and '60's. Only minimal attention is given to such reports in the '90's; even less as the year 2002 nears, sightings and encounters have considerably diminished. What that means in terms of how many survived a general life span of 30-35 years (Fahrenbach, '98 ISC Journal) or had surviving offspring is unknown. Gauging by the diminished reports, I would say surviving sasquatches are indeed rare and greatly outnumbered by elk and bears in California.

The majority of the older listings are taken from Betty Allen's recordings, Bill Bishop's listings from Bob Titmus, the Times-Standard, Bud Ryerson, Syl McCoy, Dewey Haupe, Peter Guttilla, The Bord's Bigfoot Casebook and the Filbey's 1987 Northern California touring map, the remainder from books and other reports filed or sent into this website.

I rarely add to this page anymore, (2009) preferring to document witness reports by state. You'll find those left frame, under "sightings." That link used to be titled "State by State."

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California Bigfoot Encounter Brief Listings

North Fork, Madera County, California
1999 No evidence was found to support alleged Sasquatch footprints. Photos of tracker confirmed distorted bear tracks might be seen here.

Boulevard, California
1999 (San Diego County) No evidence was found to support rumors of a Sasquatch recently reported by the BFRO.

Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino County, California
March, 2000 the trail of tracks reported were long very narrow human not Sasquatch tracks.

Paradise & Sterling City, Butte County, California
April 16, 1969: Robert L Behme and wife of Magalia, California see a sasquatch crossing the road between Paradise and Sterling City, California. [full story]

Mendicino County/Ft. Bragg
1977: JS reports hearing dogs chasing a bipedal creature through the woods along Little Lake Road and the discovery of other animals found disemboweled. [full story]

Crescent City, Del Norte County, California
August, 1995: Vacationing truck driver and wife watch as Sasquatch holding sea weed in his hands disappears across the hiway into the woods from the beach with black sand. Observer wishes to make contact with the other observer in the other car. [full story]

North Fork, Yuba-Feather River - Plumas County, California
Sean Fries is stalked while camping on the Yuba-Feather River between La Porte & Quincy in Northern California. His 95 lb Pit Bull cowers inside the tent and a odorous stench was smelled throughout the entire encounter. [full story]

Plumas National Forest, Plumas County, California
Near Bucks Lake in the Granite Basin On October 17, 1998, campers report hearing something walk around their campsite during the night and the following night they heard the much reported bigfoot howl approx two miles off the distance.

Inyo National Forest
August 4, 1996: At 10:00 in the morning, women campers on East Lake reported a large bipedal creature, 8 to 9 tall, dark moving swiftly up on a ridge above the lake level approx, 300 yds from where they were.

Eureka, Humboldt County, California
Marci Honstead sees the head and shoulders of Bigfootoutside her bedroom window during an electrical storm. Approx.1982.

Yosemite, Mariposa County California
Todd Wilheim reported a road-crossing sighting of two Bigfoot creatures on the Eastern Slope of the Sierras in August of 1998.

Mammoth Mountain, Modoc County California
Bikers report a dawn sighting near the tram at the base of the winter ski resort in July of 1998.

Lake Crowley, Mono County, California
Fisherman report being watched by a tall hairy creature from the banks as they fished in the twilight hours of September, 1997. Campers noticed a similarly described creature while cooking breakfast earlier that same month, Sept, 1997.

Weitchpec, Humboldt County, California
August 1958. Road builders Ray Wallace and Jerry Crew find 16-inch BF tracks all around a parked Caterpillar Tractor 20 miles *south of Weitchpec* [sic] just South of Bluff Creek. The tracks reappear a month later and plaster casts are taken. Weekly thereafter, Jerry sees Bigfoot tracks going from Northwest to Southeast on the same logging road. Ray Wallace finds human-like droppings the size of those a 1200 pound horse would make. Wilbur Wallace, Ray's brother, finds a full 55 gallon oil drum carried to the edge of the road and thrown down the hill. He also finds a 20 foot length of 18" culvert carried some distance away and a 700 pound tire & wheel for a "carry all" which had been rolled for a quarter mile and hurled into a ravine.

January 1958. Mrs. Bud Ryerson and several others see BF tracks on Martin's Ferry Hill near Weitchpec. [hwy 169 today]

August 7, 1960. Bob Titmus finds 2 sets of BF tracks walking along a road 9 miles south of Weitchpec, near Hoopa tracking towards Willow Creek.

Hoopa and Bluff Creek, California
1958. A woman and her daughter see a large and small Bigfoot on a hillside above Hoopa Valley just Northwest of Willow Creek.

1962 - Enis Schofield described how his fencing was torn down fencepost by fencepost the week after it was erected nearby the Bluff Creek Resort. Each post was pulled up out of its concrete piling in the ground which Schofield said required unheard of strength and was probably done because it blocked a pathway the Big Feet people used to reach the creek every night. Pointing toward the hillside, he told Betty Allen, "They come down the hill there, you can see their tracks and they seem to go down to the creek to drink or maybe to go up it, because no tracks come back up the hill. They come out somewheres else," he told Allen. Schofield told the reporter they didn't feel safe barbequeing outdoors anymore and were contemplating selling their cabin to Saunders boys, owners of the Resort on the main road. (Dale Schofield 2007)

August 3, 1963. A man and his boy see a BF leap over a 5 foot fence and run into the woods near Hoopa.

August 14, 1960. Bob Titmus sees the same 2 sets of BF tracks he saw a week before (see 64) on Mill Creek Ridge Road, 8 miles southeast of Hoopa.

Notice Creek
June 13, 1963. BF tracks 16 inches long are found crossing Notice Creek near Bluff Creek only 100 feet away from where 3 men were sleeping in a car.

1965 Indian road grader operator Dewey Haupe hears distant night whistles while bear hunting with Titmus, one whistle would cause a return whistle from opposite direction. Titmus tells Haupe it's BF.

Bluff Creek and Blue Creek Mountain Roads, logging roads

June 19, 1967 Dewey Haupe finds lg tracks around his road grader 8am on a Monday morning; tells friend Larry Omeg then phones Titmus from Ed Saunder's place.

Summer 1967 Jim McClarin begins carving his now famous "Willow Creek BF Statue." No specific date given, just summer and said it was on the same day Patterson filmed the female Bigfoot.

August 1967. BF tracks 16 inches long are found for 3 miles on Bluff Creek Road going from East Fork to Notice Creek by Bud Ryerson; he notifies Bob Titmus.

August 1967 J. Crew and D. Haupe mention to Titmus a disturbance around the equipment staging area down near the bridge, vandals or BF?

August 1967. Bud Ryerson sees hundreds of 13 to 15 inch BF tracks on the road he is building on Blue Creek Mountain, west of Bluff Creek. Tractor parts are scattered all over the area; he notifies John Green, Bob Titmus and Al Hodgson. Green brings in tracking dogs, Jim McClarin, Rene Dahinden, S.C. Buttram and Dale Moffitt.

August 27/September Labor Day week1967 John Green and Rene Dahinden fly down to Bluff Creek in chartered Cessna 185 landing at Orleans airstrip; tracks are photographed. Al Hodgson and son Mike drive family station wagon to pick them up. Green tells Al Hodgsons to phone Patterson.

October 20, 1967. Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson see and film motion pictures of a female BF just above Notice Creek between Onion Mountain, Bee Mountain and Fish Creek Butte. Her tracks measure 14½ inches long.

Bluff Creek, California
1958. Lawrence Omeg sees a Bigfoot outside his shack after work on a logging job. He quits his job and leaves the following day. Two other Indian fellows walk off the job the same day.

September, 1958. Bigfoot tracks are seen 4 different times on Bluff Creek Road, Titmus is notified.

October 1, 1958. Jerry Crew finds a quarter mile of BF tracks on Bluff Creek Road and makes casts after Bob Titmus tells him how to pour the casts.

October 12, 1958. Ray Kerr and Leslie Breazeale see a BF cross a 20' road in 2 strides and find tracks several miles south of where they are usually seen on Bluff Creek Road. Hired by Ray Wallace to track BF, they redouble their hunting effort but their dogs disappear a few days later and are never seen again. (The hunting dogs trained by and belonged to Ivan Marx in Burney California who hunted with them) Read More:

1959. A husband and wife flying a private plane over Bluff Creek see and follow BF tracks until they pass over the BF making them.

Mid October, 1958. BF tracks are seen again in Bluff Creek.

October 23, 1958. BF tracks are seen on Bluff Creek Road once again.

October 28, 1958. 2 miles of 16" BF tracks are seen on Bluff Creek Road.

October 30, 1958. BF tracks are seen going down a hill from Bluff Creek Road.

November 2, 1958. Bob Titmus and Ed Patrick find BF tracks on a Bluff Creek Sandbar.

December 18. 1958. Betty Allen finds 6 miles of BF tracks on Bluff Creek Road, expressed fear in her articles.

August 16, 1959. Bob Titmus finds 300 yards of BF tracks along Bluff Creek Sandbar.

August 30, 1959. Bob Titmus finds more BF tracks at Bluff Creek Sandbar.

November 1, 1959. Bob Titmus finds more BF tracks at Bluff Creek Sandbar, notifies Tom Slick, Green & Dahinden. Titmus' discovery was 8 years before Patterson filmed the BF.

November 2, 1959. Betty Allen finds BF tracks coming down a canyon and along Bluff Creek Road, phones Titmus.

January 30, 1960. Betty Allen finds BF tracks around a shovel loader on Humboldt Fir logging road at Bluff Creek.

June 19, 1960. Dr. Charles Johnson and his family find BF tracks on both sides of the Klamath River a half mile west of Bluff Creek.

August 19, 1962. Skip Clark finds and casts Bigfoot tracks at Bluff Creek sandbar.

September 26, 1962. Bob Titmus finds miles of BF tracks on Bluff Creek Road and in the creek bottom itself.

June 22, 1963. Skip Clark finds and casts a 15 inch BF track on Bluff Creek sandbar.

1963. Thomas Sourwine says a 300 pound boulder was used to repeatedly smash road building equipment parked at the time near Bluff Creek upper road.

June 30, 1963. BF tracks 10 to 15 inches long are found and cast in the Bluff Creek area.

1963. Pat Graves follows BF tracks for 5 miles from Laird Meadow to Bluff Creek Road at Notice Creek. Sticks 1¼ in thick are found broken in the tracks.

1963. Dave Blake finds BF tracks where a barrel of diesel fuel was thrown off the road.

1963. BF tracks 15 inches long are found at Bluff Creek logging operations, with boxes of spikes thrown around and sticks of dynamite bitten into.

August, 1963. BF tracks are found on Bluff Creek Road at Notice Creek bridge.

October 1963. Al Hodgson finds a set of BF tracks a few hundred yards above the Notice Creek bridge at Bluff Creek sandbar. The sandbar was washed away in the 1964 flood.

July 1964. Scout Master Joe Christensen Sr., and Boy Scout Camp medic Dick Beathel found (a mile from the camp) 17 inch by 7 1/2 inch bare footprints in the mud and cast them. The stride was around five feet between imprints; five toes. Photo of casts were published in the Modesto Bee on July 16, 1964. The location was 7 miles northeast of Mariposa, Mariposa County, California

Summer 1964. Dave Blake often finds BF tracks at Laid Meadow at Blake and Tregoning Logging operation west of Bluff Creek. A culvert 4 feet in diameter and 20 feet long is thrown into the canyon and 450 pound barrels of diesel fuel are moved around.

August 21, 1964. Roger Patterson finds and casts 17 inch tracks with a 52 inch stride on Laird Meadow Road.

September, 1964. Samuel Brewer Jr. finds and casts a 15½ inch BF tracks with a 47 inch stride along Bluff Creek.

Fall, 1964 . Dave Blake sees BF tracks around his logging equipment every morning for a week. A trailer load of 18 inch culverts is overturned while men are working nearby.

1965, September - Mark Karr said he drove his vehicle into a tree to avoid hitting a Bigfoot that was in the road.
Wednesday, June 30, 1993 Source: By Hugh Dellios, Chicago Tribune.

1965. Jay Rowland finds BF tracks along Bluff Creek a short distance from Notice Creek.

July, 1965. Steve Sanders and 2 others sleeping the a tent awake to see a large finger or stick opening their tent flap. Their yells scare it off. Investigating the next day, they find BF tracks 17 inches long and 7 inches wide around their tent at Blue Lake near Bluff Creek.

Jason Edwards parents told him that they saw a family of 4 BF while hunting bear in the Bluff Creek area in 1966. Two adults and a medium size and smaller one. This was before Jason was born; probably 1965. The senior Edwards hunted with Marx and Titmus.

1966. Richard Sides sees a BF squatting at Bluff Creek drinking water with cupped hands.

Fall, 1966. Jay Roland sees BF tracks on a road a Scorpion Creek in the Bluff Creek area.

October 25, 1966. Dan Mullens finds BF tracks and an unopened case of oil cans crushed on Notice Creek.

1966 - a logging truck driver who didn't want his name used because of his employment claimed he was knocked down after running smack into the chest of a Bigfoot on the front portch of his cabin. His friend, Bud Jensen supported his story and described an eleven-inch handprint that was also found on the porch door.

August, 1967. Several BF tracks are found and cast by a road crew on Onion Mountain, west of Bluff Creek. The tracks measure 13 and 15 inches long.

August, 1967 Al Hodgson see's Patterson's 9" track on Bluff Creek Sandbar; casts a 14" track

August 1967. Bud Ryerson sees hundreds of 13 to 15 inch BF tracks on the road he is building on Blue Creek Mountain, west of Bluff Creek. Tractor parts are scattered all over the area. Notifies John Green by company radio phone saying, "What you're looking for is here..."

August 15, 1967 Road grader operator Dewey Haupe arriving early to work discovers hour glass tracks near water tower, notifies Titmus and Ivan Marx.

Summer, 1967 Roger Patterson poured a plaster of paris cast of a left & right 9" child's track and shows Al Hodgson the tracks while he was up there.

November, 1967 - In remote area John Wenger of Summit City, found huge footprints showing only ball and five toes, no claws on the north shore of Shasta Lake. The tracks went across sand isthmus towards brush covered two acre island off shore two miles east of Shasta Dam. Wenger counted seven clear tracks. Barry Hennings of the Record Searchlight newspaper took casts and photographs; published them November 10, 1967.

June 1968. Steve Marlin and Bruce Cornwall find BF tracks between Bluff Creek and Fish Lake.

January 1969. Pat Graves sees BF tracks from a plane between Blue Creek Divide and Nikowitz Road.

1969. Peter Byrne, Brian Matthes and Steve Matthes find Bigfoot tracks along Bluff Creek. Byrne does exhaustive investigation of Patterson site in 1972, photos in B & W with Mike Hodgson - Al Hodgson's son.

Late May, 1969. Dr. Bernard Northrup and a party of San Francisco Theological Seminary Students find over 1000 16" BF tracks in the Bluff Creek area. They also find torn, twisted bark stripped from the trees near the tracks in the sand. It may be that the individual who left the big 16" tracks after the summer 1967 at Bluff Creek was one of the survivors; and it may also be that this was the same individual whose track Jerry Crew first cast that became a media sensation.

August, 1969. The owner of the Bluff Creek Resort and a small cluster of fishing cabins, Ed Saunders found a line of 16-inch Bigfoot tracks in the sandbar at the mouth of Bull Creek in the Bluff Creek area. Bill Saunders, Ed's brother acted the mechanic and handyman there in and around the resort. Ed and his wife were a bit edgy about scaring off the public...

Orleans, California
Mike Burke, Buck Ferguson and Bill Mueller find BF tracks with a 5-foot stride beyond Twin Lakes Turnoff at Camp Creek near Orleans, California.

1960-1963. Benjamin Wilder sees a BF at night east of Orleans, California.

March 1960. Ivan Marx finds BF tracks near the lookout on Offield Mountain.

1952. A man sees a Bigfoot on a dirt road north of Orleans that comes out at the mouth of Bear Creek and goes through Bear Valley. After driving on, he later stops and gets out of the car. The BF comes toward him menacingly, then turns and stalks down the road, then suddenly charges back to attack the car as the man drives away. The BF holds onto the car for 200 yards before letting go.

Happy Camp, California
1886. Jack Dover and others see Bigfoot between Happy Camp and the Marble Mountains.

Scott's Valley, California
June 9, 1980. Dave Wilhelm and Ben Larson see a 12 foot Bigfoot in Scott's Valley. The following day they find BF tracks.

Yreka, California
Mid-1960's. Henry Dierkoph and 2 others see several sets of BF tracks near Yreka, California.

Siskiyou County, California
June, 1969. Bob Hardesty and Dick Carroll find BF tracks along the Klamath River in Siskiyou County.

Mt. Shasta, California
1956. Mrs. J. Pomray sees a BF run across Interstate 5 just north of Mt. Shasta.

Summer, 1962 Bonnie Feldman reports watching a female Bigfoot give birth in the heat of the afternoon by pine tree at the base of it's upturned roots. She watched from the porch of her trailer while camping on the Eastern most side of Mt. Shasta.

#61 1963. A man falls off a bluff near Mr. Shasta while deer hunting and is badly hurt. A 9 foot BF carries him 2 or 3 miles to safety.

July, 1973. A naturalist watches an 8 foot BF for 45 minutes in the Castle Craggie Mountains.

Unknown date at the 8000 ft level of Mt. Shasta two men said they had seen Bigfoot while drinking beer in the Bunny Flats Campground. They said Bigfoot had come out of the forest knocking off a branch at the 19 foot level. Bigfoot gave them a crystal and went back into the woods. Charlie Tom, a medicine man, said if you were in trouble in the woods to sing the Bigfoot song and BF would help you.

1980 Mt. Shasta hunters watched through their cross-hairs as a Bigfoot lumbered across an open field and disappeared into the woods. He appeared to be 8 ft tall, weighing nearly 800 lbs.

1970 Bigfoot is sighted by vacationers crossing the road late at night near Mt. Shasta.

1986 Mt. Shasta a team of naturalists report seeing a Bigfoot cut across a field of berries through a thorny thicket at day break.

1987 Obrien Campgrounds near Mt. Shasta Lake Bigfoot wanders through the area oblivious to a raucous volley ball game being played by retired fire fighters.

August 10, 1962. Joseph Wattenbarger sees a BF in the lava beds 30 miles east of McCloud which is near Mt. Shasta base.

Willow Creek, California
1967. Russell Summerville sees a 9 foot BF walk 50 feet along Highway 299 one half mile west of Willow Creek and then go into the woods.

Mike Fordon, while sleeping in his Dodge van at Gray's Falls Campground wakes up at about midnight because a BF is kicking his tires and rocking his van violently. Mike sees the BF's hairy chest, chin and hand through the van's windows. The 8 foot BF continues to harass the van for 2 hours, until Mike Blows the horn.

1934. Dave Zebo follows a set of BF tracks up Weaver Bally Mountain.

1936 Dave Zebo sees BF tracks on Mt. Bally heading over the mountain.

Salyer, California
July 11, 1968. A BF walks past a family camping by the Trinity River near Salyer.

Weaverville, Trinity County, California
1966 Larry Browning sees a BF near his campsite north of Weaverville in the Trinity Alps.

April 6, 1968. After 2 more visits to the same campsite with no luck seeing another BF, Larry Browning sees a BF wading the South Fork of the Salmon River. The next day, a female BF follows him for a half hour on a hike, then charges him.

April 8, 1968 At the same campground, Mike Melton sees a BF leaning over the river to get a drink of water.

April 2, 1966. Nick Campbell sees a Bigfoot searching through the trash cans at a campsite north of Weaverville in the Trinity Alps. The next day, he sees the BF again 3 miles west of camp and spends a half hour playing hide and seek with it. Several other campers see the same Bigfoot. It raids the trash can two more nights and is seen one more time.

July 1969. Don Ballard and a companion riding horseback see a BF in the Trinity Alps near Trinity Center.

1958. While driving on Highway 299 east of Weaverville, 2 doctors see a Bf cross the highway at night.

Redding, California
October 8, 1972. Randy Norton and Steve Gillespie see a BF cross Clear Creek at the Placer Street Bridge near Redding.

Round Mountain, California (South of Mt. Shasta)
January 6, 1971. Bigfoot tracks 18 inches long and 7 inches wide are found in the yard of a home on Fenders Ferry Road at Round Mountain.

1947. Mr. and Mrs. Russ Tribble see two Bigfoot south of Fall River Mills and also find their tracks.

Hyampom, California
April, 1963. Bob Titmus finds and casts 3 sets of tracks near Hyampom.

May, 1963. Sylvester McCoy finds BF tracks near Hyampom.

April, 1970. Buzz McLaughlin see a 9 foot Bigfoot at Manzanita Ranch School, Hyampom.

Fall, 1963. A man sees Bigfoot tracks heading south of the Hyampom area.

Wildwood, California
July 4, 1969. Eldon Brackett see a 7½ foot Bigfoot with 16½ inch tracks and a 4 foot stride north of Wildwood.

January 1966. Bob Kelly and Archie Bradshaw see a Bigfoot peering into their cabin window. Bob fires his shotgun at the Bigfoot and thinks he hits it. They find 18 inch tracks in the leading into Hayfork Creek from Wildwood.

June, 1969. Ben Foster and several others see a 6 foot Bigfoot fighting with dogs at the Wildwood Inn.

May 14, 1970. Archie Buckley sees a 7 foot Bigfoot with 15 inch tracks at Stuart Gap, south of Wildwood.

Platina, California
Winter, 1966. After a 2 day absence from their house 2 miles west of Platina, Mr. and Mrs. Hampton find their door broken off at the hinges. They find 18 inch Bigfoot tracks in the snow.

Saddle Camp, California (Yolla Bolla)
August 1964. A man finds 12 inch and 14 inch BF tracks high up the north side of Low Gap in the north Yolla Bolla near Saddle Camp. The tracks are in 3 different places several miles apart.

July 14, 1969. George Haas and John Dana find ¼-mile of Bigfoot tracks on a trail at West Low Gap in the Yolla Bolla Mountains going to the East Fork of the South Fork of the Trinity River. The tracks are 16 inches long and the stride is 3 feet.

Covelo, California
1961. Bob Titmus sees tracks of several different Bigfeet northeast of Covelo.

November, 1962. Bob Titmus sees tracks of several Bigfeet northeast of Covelo again.

Fort Bragg, California
June, 1962. Robert Hatfield gets up to investigate barking dogs at his house in Fort Bragg and sees the head and shoulders of a Bigfoot above a 6 foot fence. He returns to the house to tell Bud Jensen, but when they return, it is gone. Bud goes back for his gun while Robert rounds the corner of the porch and walk right into the Bigfoot. He was knocked to the ground and scrambled to the house on his hands and knees. Bud sees the middle of the Bigfoot go by the window and tries to close the door, but the Bigfoot holds it open! Shotgun in hand, Bus says "let it in and I'll get it, " but the Bigfoot lets go of the door and walks away. A muddy hand print on the door is 11½ inches long, although the fingers are quite stubby.

l977 JS reports hearing dogs chasing a bipedal creature through the woods along Little Lake Road and the discovery of other animals found disemboweled.

Oroville, Central California
Summer, 1969. Ken Coon finds and photographs Bigfoot tracks near Oroville.

July, 1969. Homer Stickley see a Bigfoot in his yard in rural Oroville.

July 17, 1969. Charles and Kevin Jackson see an 8 foot female Bigfoot by an outhouse while burning rabbit entrails in their backyard on Cherokee Road a few miles south of Oroville.

February 28, 1963. Lennart Strand and Alden Hoover see a 10-foot Bigfoot from a plane near Sonora, between Confidence and Cherokee Valley Road. They take color photographs, but the pictures turn out blurry.

Summer, 1969. A man sees a Bigfoot run across the Feather River Highway near Oroville.

September 3, 1975. Mark Karr drives his car into a tree to avoid hitting a 7 ft Bigfoot near Oroville.

October 31, 1969. Wes Strang sees a Bigfoot outside his home near Oroville.

April 16, 1970. Homer Stickley finds 11 inch Bigfoot tracks near Oroville.

January, 1970. Ken Coon finds Bigfoot tracks 15 inches long and 9 inches wide near Oroville.

Fall, 1969. Ron Sanders sees 2 Bigfoot turning over rocks in French Creek across the reservoir from Oroville and eating something.

On the Feather River report:
October, 1969. Charles Mauldin sees a Bigfoot running on an abandoned road above the Middle Fork of the Feather River.

Stirling City, California
April 16, 1969. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Behme see a Bigfoot limp across the road between Paradise and Stirling City.

Twain, California
July, 1969. A teenage boy and 2 girls see a Bigfoot crouched in the middle of the road while driving home from a movie in Twain.

July, 1969. Lester Orlinger swerves to miss a Bigfoot in the middle of the road near Twain while coming from Quincy.

Mill Valley, California
March 23, 1976. Police patrolman Dan Murphy and Ed Johnson see a large upright Bigfoot climb an 8 foot wall in Mill Valley. The next day they find a freshly killed deer on the same spot.

Strawberry, California
March, 1963. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell see a Bigfoot while hiking on their honeymoon at the Jack and Jill Ski Lodge in Strawberry. The owners of the lodge had seen the Bigfoot previously.

December, 1963. The Deputy Sheriff from Pinecrest sees hundreds of 15 inch Bigfoot tracks with a 5 foot stride in an alpine meadow 2 miles northwest of Pinecrest and the same distance from Strawberry.

Yosemite, California
January 6, 1969. Robert James Jr. and Larry Larwick buzz within 50 feet of a 12 foot Bigfoot with 20 inch tracks in the plane north of Yosemite Park. They take pictures of the Bigfoot.

May 30, 1979. Bill Iffttiger sees a 8 foot Bigfoot dash across US 395 near Bridgeport.

Mammoth Mountain California
July 15, 1970. A Deputy Sheriff sees 18 inch Bigfoot tracks at 8500 feet elevation near a lake 8 miles north of Mammoth.

September 1, 1971. A Sheriff's Lieutenant sees an 8 foot Bigfoot southeast of Mammoth on a road at the 10,000 foot altitude level.

Unknown City, Hwy 101 location
January 1973. A truck driver hits a 7 foot BF on US 101. The front of the logging truck is badly damaged, no report on the condition of the BF.

Fall, 1958. Editor Andrew Genzoli and the senior staff photographer of the Times-Standard see Bigfoot tracks and droppings of monumental proportions like those of a "2 ton bear with chronic constipation."