Hominids, Fossils, and Origins
Bigfoot Encounters

Gun Victim, Dr. Shelly Williams is ape expert
Bili Ape...

Gigantic Apes co-existed with humans, Study Finds...

Homo Floresiensis, New Species of Early Man

Neanderthal Man reborn as sensitive home lover 2005

Half-Human, Half-ape

Study: Neanderthals Unlikely an Ancestor

Skull Details Suggest Neanderthals Were Not Humans

Fossil hints at primate origins: Asia

Essay: "The Unbearable Loneliness of Being Homo Sapiens"

Oldest human footprints found on volcano 12 March 2003

Has the Missing Link Been Found?

Fossil find stirs human debate

Long Lost Neanderthal baby re-discovered
New Scientist.com By Hazel Muir

Gene Separates Early Humans From the Apes

Great apes lack nuts and bolts of language gene

Sri Lanka's Lost Tribe - The Nittevo

Jordi Magraner's Oral Statements Concerning Living Unknown Hominids

Redheads are Neanderthals

New fossil may revise the timeline for hominid evolution

Wild Chimps Rocked On: Apes left unique record of stone tools

Unified Erectus: Fossil suggests single human ancestor

Skull points to our African roots
Researchers say fossil straightens out pre-human family tree

DNA Study: Early Humans Interbred

Cyclops Skulls found in East Indies

Earliest Human Ancestors? Not Likely! By Lloyd Pye

"A Tradition of Giants"(link)

African Skeletons in Mexico


Buia Man

Wushan Hominid Site, The site of Longgupo Cave

Dr. Francois de Loys and de Loy's ape (Deloy's ape)

Early Asian Dispersals of the Genus Homo

Early Human Migrants Fossils Found

Early Man in Nebraska, Kow Swamp skull

Fossil Ancestors of Burma

Fossil Hominid Illustrations (link)


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