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General Bigfoot Links: (scroll down for related links)

Alabama Bigfoot Research

Alaska, The Sasquatch Tracker's site
Almas, Russia's (The Russian Almas)
Arizona's Mogollon Rim stories...
Australia's Rex Gilroy Yowie Website
AYR Dean Harrison's Aussie site...
Bigfoot Buzz (Chuck Prahl's site)
Bigfoot - What's New in Bigfoot Research?
Bigfoot Creatures
Bigfoot Discovery Project & Museum
Bigfoot Evidence (Shawn Evidence) Blog
Bigfoot Field Reporter (Sharon Lee)
Bigfoot Forums
Bigfoot Hub dot com
Bigfoot Hunter
Bigfoot Information Project Brian Brown's site
Bigfoot Photo Net
Bigfoot Recordings - Sierra Sounds
Bigfoot Reference Guide
Bigfoot Sightings Blog Linda Martin
Bigfoot Sketch Project: Pete Travers
Bigfoot Songs
Lenny Green's site

Bigfoot Stories and Campfire tales...
Bigfoot Times
Bigfoot Vids
Bigfoot Video, Images and Audio page
British Center for Bigfoot Research
Canadian Sasquatch Research
Chattahoochee Bigfoot
Crypto Crew The
Delaware Bigfoot Center
Dr. Jeff Meldrum's Website
Dr. John Bindernagel's Page
Dr. Russell L. Ciochon
Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center
Falcon Project, The
Florida Skunk Ape Website
Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery
George Karras' Message Board
Hairy Giants Blog
Harvey Pratt (forensic artist)
Hominology, International Center of
Independent Sasquatch Research Team (Florida)
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group
Kentucky Bigfoot Website
Klamath River Resort Inn
Lawnflowers, Jerkey and Bigfoots
Mangani's Bigfoot Map

Meldrum, Dr. Jeff website

Minnesota Bigfoot
Monsters & Myths website
Mysterious Australia

(David Paulides' North American Bigfoot Search)
Native American Bigfoot Legends
NESRA -N.E. Sasquatch Research Assoc.
Newspaper & Magazine BF article collection
New Jersey Bigfoot Reporting Center
Nguoi Rung, Vietnamese Wildman
North American Bigfoot Blog
Northeast WA Bigfoot Researchers
Ohio Bigfoot Search Group Club
Ohio/Pennsylvania BF Research Group
Ontario Sasquatch

Oregon Bigfoot Blog Autumn Williams Blog
Oregon Bigfoot Research
Patterson Film dot com
Peter Byrne dot com website
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
Rick Tullos' site
Russian Almas Research website
San Antonio Texas Bigfoot Research Group
Sasquatch British Columbia (former West Coast Sasquatch)
Sasquatch Illustration Project
Sasquatch Militia
Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies
Sasquatch Northwest Investigators (WA)
Scientific Papers on Bigfoot Subjects...
Search for Bigfoot Forum
Sierra Sounds
Site de Jean Roche (en Francais)
Skunk Ape Files
Squatchwatch Canada
Stan Courtney's Website
Stocking Hominid Research
Strange Ark website
Tennessee, Eastern Bigfoot Organization
Texas Bigfoot Research
Texas Bigfoot Conservancy
Texas, West Texas BF Research
United Bigfoot Research Group
Virginia Bigfoot Research VBRO
Vietnamese Wildman Website
Nguoi Rung
W.C.S.R.O Western Canadian Sasquatch Research
West Virginia Bigfoot
Willow Creek-Chamber of Commerce website
Willow Creek China Flat MUSEUM website
Winnipeg River Sasquatch Association

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Cryptozoology Links: Related Links of Interest or other:
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BCSCC John Kirk's website
Bigfoot Newsletter Online delivered FREE
Canadian Joe's Cryptozoology Site
Crypto Corner colossal octopus at St. Augustine
Cryptozoology, Unknown Creatures
Cryptozoology: Searching for Hidden Animals
Honey Island Swamp Monster
North American BioFortean Review
Philip R. "Pib" Burns Cryptozoology Page
Shadow's World of Cryptozoology
Stan Grist's Adventures into the Unknown
Study Group of Sub-Human Primates in Search/Unknown Primates/Europe & Asia"
Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology (New & Used Bigfoot Books) (Used Bigfoot related Books)
Animal X website
The Anomalist
Bear Spray
Discovery Channel, The
Fate Magazine
Field and Stream
Fortean Times
History Channel Scheduled shows
Inside Edition
Legend of Boggy Creek, The
MonsterQuest schedule
Sci-Fi Channel What's On?
Skeptical Inquirer
Unsolved Mysteries

Animals mistaken for Sasquatches: Miscellaneous Links: Tracking & Gear
All About Moose
Animal Behavior Website
Elk Behavior
Native Carnivores in the Southern Rockies

Tom Brown's Tracking School
Animal Tracks of Humboldt County
Big Buck Surveillance System
Field Work Tree Stands and watch-towers
Safe Capture Website
International Society for Professional Trackers

Backpacker Helps:
"Good Backpackers leave no trace.... "

Backpacker Gear Guide
Backpacking Lightweight
Backpacking GEAR Finder
Backpacker Maps, Guides, and Backpacker Magazine Info