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Leo Selzer's Field Report, British Columbia

Bossburg Tracks
Bluff Creek tracks
Debbie Martyr talks about the Orang Pendek
Dr. David Chivers talks about the Orang Pendek
Freeman Bigfoot Footage
Dr. Henner Fahrenbach (Video is in German)
Luxembourg Video
McClarin/Patterson Creature Comparisons 1967..
Redwoods Film
Redwoods Film (enhanced) ...Read "The Redwoods Film Footage" uploaded HERE
René Dahinden's Kokanee commercial (feed may be corrupt)
René Dahinden

The Snow Walker Film ...Read "The Snow Walker Film" uploaded HERE
Enhancements of the Patterson Film by M.K. Davis 2005
Re: Manitoba Footage: a Video Clip from Canadian Discovery Channel
Streaming Audio
Harrison River - Chehalis Flats, possible vocalization recorded by Ken Kristian - Story is HERE
Bob Gimlin describes the Patterson Film, Oct. 20, 1967 Sound adjustments may be necessary...
The Late Dr. Grover Krantz of Washington State discusses shooting a sasquatch
John Green on the "shoot or no shoot" Bigfoot issue
Fingerprint expert Jimmy Chilcutt on Sasquatch footprints
Sierra Sounds: The Bigfoot Recordings CD
Video Clips, Pictures, Photos, Images and Stills, watch the Patterson/Gimlin Footage

Link to the Patterson-Gimlin Film Footage and specifics...
M.K. Davis rendition of the Patterson-Gimlin Film, frame by frame 2005

M.K. Davis Track Animation, uploaded December 2005
Additonal M.K. Davis enhancements of the Patterson Film frame by frame with blow-ups....
- ---
Small Manitoba Sasquatch "Still" photo from the footage April 2005
Unknown Photo on eBay claiming to be bigfoot is suspect...June 2005
Giant 47 inch Femur Housed in Crosbyton, Crosby County, Texas
Ray Wallace Fake Wooden Track Comparisons 2004
The 1977 Ivan and Peggy Marx hoaxed bigfoot, man in a suit photograph
Loren Coleman's faked nape footprint cast
Loren Coleman's fake Ape - Nape Comparison

UK Orang Pendek footprint cast
September 2001

OSIR member pictured under Bigfoot Statue
Summer 2002
New picture (photo) of Bigfoot in Oregon? March 16, 2002
Rob Butler's Bigfoot leg art
Rob Butler's footprint photo La Pine, Oregon 1999
Primate Feet for comparison
Primate Hands for comparison
Laird Meadow Road Footprint 1964
Wedikend Creek footprint 1999
Peter Byrne footprint, vintage 1960 Bluff Creek, California
Dr. Karl Shuker w/Gray's Harbor Footprint Cast, 1982
Ochopee, Florida Bigfoot 1997
Blue Mtn, Walla Walla WA., Footprints cast by Dr. Jeff Meldrum 1996
$10k Shot, The
Artwork by Rob Roy Menzies
Bigfoot and Halebop, 1996
Christmas Card by Paul Wilson
Patterson Creature Comparison w/Jim McClarin
Fake or Real?
He was this big!
Himalaya Yeti Stamps
Hupa, 1923 - "Man of the Mountain"
Idaho Bigfoot Footprint
Louse Camp
Patterson and Gimlin, circa 1967
Patterson Footcasting, 1967
Skeletal Imagery of Bigfoot Footprint Bossburg tracks
Susan Larson Case, The