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Josh Gates interview with Dr. Melba Ketchum

D. B. Donlon's Interview with Henry Franzoni 2009

Questions and Answers with Greg Long author of "The Making of Bigfoot"

Did Bob Gimlin lie?

Radio Interview Transcript With Roger Patterson
and Bob Gimlin November, 1967

1992, John Green's Interview with Bob Gimlin
Gimlin Recalls the Patterson-Gimlin Film of October 20, 1967.

Melissa Hovey's 2006 Interview with Bobbie Short

Richard Noll's Interview With Dr. Grover Krantz Text Only

Conversation with Dr. Dave Daegling author of "Bigfoot Exposed"

Interview with Peter Guttilla

John Green's Interview w/Gray's Harbor Deputy Sheriff
In Washington State, August 7, 1967

Rob Murdock's Interview with Don Keating 25-Aug-2003

Roger Patterson's Interview with Fred Beck
Beck recalls the incident on Mt. St. Helens, WA.

Moneymaker-Huse Interview
A Sheriff discusses the "Zoobies" of Alpine, San Diego County, California

Interview with John Green By Gerry Matthews, 2004

An Interview with Yves Coppens
He talks on the Almasty and Cryptozoology

The Manitoba Drum Interviews Mel Skahan

A Fox Network Program: Current Affair's Manitoba Interview

Richard Freeman's Interview with Debbie Martyr 2004

Richard Greenwell's 1988 Interview with Dr. Marie-Jeanne Koffmann

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