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A "Story" from East Texas, 2003

Anderson County (Palestine) 2001

Bexar County, Texas 2008
Bexar County, Texas 1973
Bandera County, in the Texas Hill Country...
Bowie County, Texas 1978
Colorado County, a second hand account told during the 1970's
Corsicana, Texas, 1977
Diana, Upshur County Texas, 1977

Ellis County Texas 1938
Fort Bend County 2006
Hawley, Texas 1977
Hudspeth County 2005 Sasquatch walks across highway in front of 18-wheeler
"Legends of Texas" A Publication of The Texas Folklore Society
Trinidad, Texas 1977
Wheeler County 2003 see "STORIES"

Additional Texas Sightings recorded by the IBS

Brief Texas Entries from the DFW Star Telegram October 2004

Also see "stories"

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