Bigfoot Encounters

Strange Sighting in the Texas Hill Country 1973

Bexar/Kendall Counties, Texas
Near the county lines; the area is in the Texas Hill Country, NW of San Antonio, off either Scenic Loop or Boerne Stage Rd

In the summer of 1973, five of us all had a day off together. Taking a rifle with us, we went to the ranch of one of the guy's grandfather. We did a little shooting and then decided to go on down the road and stop by another ranch where we just hung out and did a little exploring.

The sun went down and we decided to head for home in San Antonio. We went down a dirt road and had gone a couple of miles when we had a flat tire. We were in an old Rambler station wagon. As we were changing the tire, we noticed that all the "night" sounds could be heard on the right hand side of the road, but there was silence on the left. We really did not worry about that because one of the guys said that maybe a predator was out in the brush. We did smell a strange odor, but it was faint and we thought that maybe something had died.

When the tire was changed we all climbed in, the car was started, put into drive and allowed to just accelerate(creep ahead) on its own. One guy drove, another sat next to him, I was in the middle seat alone and the other two guys stood on the lowered tailgate, one with the rifle and one with a very good spotlight. It is obvious what they were doing.

As the car started to creep ahead, I noticed movement to my left and turned around to the back to say something. It was at this time that the guy holding the flashlight said, "look at the size of that sonofabitch!"

Almost instantly I saw the guy with the rifle raise it and fire. All I could see at that close range was about chest to pelvis of a huge hairy thing that turned sideways when the gun went off. There was enough light to see short blackish/brown hair and as the car continued moving I heard a grunt and saw the thing for the first time. The hands were raised to the sides and were hairless, the head appeared domed, the eyes glowed red and the teeth, or some of them were pointed. (I don't know what the witnesses saw that night, this description is not typical of the North American sasquatch...sounds more like the descriptions of the Wisconsin werewolf...very strange...)

The guys on the tailgate both ducked down into the car, but the light remained trained on this thing. It took a couple of steps toward us, then turned and ran like a man to what we called a deer-proof fence. It grasped the top three or maybe four stands of wire and jerked them down. It then vaulted the fence. I remember hearing a sound like the wires popping, but I could not be sure.

The driver started to stop, but we screamed to floor it and we drove at a high rate of speed back to the highway (IH10). We stopped to discuss what we had seen. The driver had been looking into his rear-view mirror and really saw just a shape. The front seat passenger had pulled himself up and out of the window and, in shock, had nearly fallen out.

I witnessed none of this because I was turned around in the seat and was leaning way over trying to see more out the back of the car. We all went to work the next day. My workplace was a fast food place frequented by DPS Highway Patrol people who worked at the driver's license bureau, we told them the story. They later said they talked to a couple of folks who said that they saw something weird and that was about it.

We all went back out there, but never saw anything again. We did hear stories about two more sightings, but I cannot verify them. What we saw is still a mystery...

The nearest water source was a confluence of creeks about one mile away and there is a beautiful creek about a mile or so in the other direction. Closest city is San Antonio, closest small town Boerne. I never saw the guys again after that summer, except for one. I ran into him about 6 years ago and the first thing he said was, "remember the night when we saw that creature?"


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