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East Texas
"Through the years there have been many sightings in my "neck of the woods". I live near the Texas-Louisiana-Arkansas state borders in East Texas. In fact, my best friend of 35 years saw a Sasquatch near our location here in East Texas about 36 years ago. My interest in the subject stems mainly from his experience. We are both avid hunters and spend quite a bit of time in the remote river bottoms of East Texas. We have a 1000-acre hunting lease on the Sabine River near the small town of Logansport, Louisiana. On the lease tract adjacent to our property on the northern border a hunter had a hair-raising experience some 12 years ago. He'd shot a deer that was picked up by a Sasquatch before he could reach it. He and his father-in-law followed the blood trail until they were frightened away by threatening noises."

(Permission to release informant information not received)
January 19, 2003