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Bexar County, Texas 2008

I am the guy who reported the 1973 sighting in Bexar County, TX to you.

Now there appears to be another. I emailed the sighting (2005) to you that someone else reported to BFRO. I used to live very close to that area and have been hiking at Government Canyon State Natural area. It is right outside San Antonio on Galm Road and contains an old stagecoach/military road from the late 1800's.

It was my old deer lease in the 1960's. They are building homes in Helotes (small town area that has been there forever) right next to parts of the canyon. I am very familiar with the entire area and am there often. I only live 10-15 minutes from there now. I worked in Helotes and eat at a Mexican restaurant there a bunch.

This sighting took place about ten miles or so from where we had our 1973 encounter and was reported this month to BFRO, even though it took place in 2005. As I said, I hike Government Canyon some and always find tracks of bobcat, deer, wild boar and smaller game, but no Bigfoot. If anyone ever wants, I can take someone to this area and probably to the site. There is a golf course about three miles from the site and I play there. Again, no Bigfoot.

I have been told that there is the odd black bear now and again, but I have never seen one or seen any tracks. The area is highly populated, but within 2-3 miles or so there are several caves, one fairly big and there is a reputed huge cave on what used to be the John Wagner Ranch.

Two of the guys that were with me in 1973 talked of walking 1/4 to 1/2 a mile into a cave where they could stand upright and not touch the sides. The entire area here is full of springs and small creeks. I feed 2 stray cats and always put out food for the 3 raccoons, 2 opossums, 1 skunk and a dozen or so squirrels that live here.

Anyway, let me know if I can help...F. C.

October 25, 2008