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Texas Hill Country, Bandera County, Texas

I grew up in one of those tiny towns around the Texas Hill Country in Bandera County.   As a kid back in the late ‘70s  I used to play with a neighbor lady's grandson who would come every summer from Baltimore Maryland to stay with her for 2 weeks (he was a real city boy). Everybody pretty much has a “rural” resident area where all residences connect quickly with the woods. 

One afternoon I went to visit the neighbor boy who was there visiting.  He was a bit spoiled and was allowed to stay up ‘til 4 or 5 a.m. every night watching TV and then sleep till early afternoon the next day....but this day he was freaked out because he told me that the night before around 3 a.m. he happened to look out his window and saw a huge man-thing walk very briskly down another neighbors long gravel driveway and disappear into the darkness and woods behind their house. 

This neighbor had a street light on their carport that lit the whole area at night where he saw the thing. His view was unobstructed and about 75 yards away.  He said the thing covered the 50 or 60 yard walk in a few seconds. 

When I first began to believe him was when we were dirt biking a day or 2 later down a long desolate county road (unpaved) on my dirt bike.  He kept asking me (he was on back of my dirt bike) when are we going to turn around? We got to the end of the road and I killed the bike and then pretended like it wouldn't start. 

This poor kid was scanning the brush like he was scared to death something would come out and get us - he was panicking and crying and saying that we had to get out of there because we have these "things" roaming around - seeing him so freaked out got me a little freaked out too and we left.  We were about 11 or 12.

I now live in San Antonio.  Last winter our 10:00 o'clock news had a brief blurb about 2 men witnessing either one or two Sasquatch chasing deer off Hwy 151, which is a little connector road that runs on the NW outskirts of town. 

This subject is fascinating.  I learned after reading a lot of stories that they don't just dwell in the tall forests; there are a lot of sightings in "low brush" country.  I wish I had more info on the deer chasing incident.

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