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Hudspeth County, Texas
Thursday January 6, 2005 1:30 a.m.

Amos Washington reports while driving his 18-wheel rig through Texas north of Interstate 10 and east of the Ft. Bliss Military area about 3 miles eastbound out of Butterfield Texas on hwy 62 he had to gear down to allow a loping “barefoot thing” to cross the road.

It appeared in his headlights suddenly, crossing from the Southside of the road to the north in an odd swaggering manner. “I don’t know for sure what I seen” Washington said by telephone, “the sight of this thing challenged anything I know about -- it wasn’t something a person can imagine. It was slumped some, naked, hair covered and light brown to white on its shoulders. My headlights could have played a part in the color I was seeing, but it was light colored. It was covered with hair or if it was a man, which I doubt, it was wearing a fur like costume out in the middle of nowhere.

I didn’t notice other features, just that this thing was odd and walked like a man walks upright, but bare-footed in cold weather, long legged and all, then it disappeared into the darkness; their eyesight must be better than mine because it was moonless black as pitch out there in the scrub. So there I was sitting in the cab of my rig thinking I was finally losing my marbles. It was not a wetback either they’re too short. This thing was big!

The creature never looked directly at my rig either, which makes a considerable amount of noise when gearing down.” During the interview, Washington stated he had “heard” about bigfoot but never paid much attention to the phenomenon until now. He lived in El Paso for 30 years, was a truck driver most his life.

Interestingly during the phone conversation, Washington related a story he once overheard
in a restaurant back twenty years or so, a conversation between two men in the booth behind him who claimed they saw a bigfoot creature just outside Ruidoso, New Mexico. ”I heard them claim it was black and over 8 feet tall and I have heard other stories told by the Mescalero Apaches up there in the White and the Sacramento Mountains in NM of these things in those mountains but never down here by the border or in the El Paso County area"

Amos Washington for Bigfoot Encounters