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Ellis County, Red Oak, Texas
Red Oak is on I-35 twenty miles south of Dallas in northern Ellis County

The white sasquatch, a son's story...
When my father was about 18 or so (that would put the year at about 1938-39) He was about to join the Navy. Before he left, he and a few friends got together to go coon hunting one night. The area where they went to coon hunt is south of Red Oak, Texas in the bottomlands.

They said they had a hard time getting to a place where they could camp, because of the thick brush, and that they had to cross Red Oak Creek. They brought with them two "coon" dogs and a .22 handgun.

When they made it to a place where they could camp, they built their campfire and settled in around the fire. They got to talking, as men do around a campfire, carrying on for about a half hour, or so. That's when they noticed something strange.

The Coon dogs were not making any noise, like Coon dogs would normally do. (It is my understanding that Coon dogs are supposed to sniff out a Coon, and bark like crazy when they do. This lets the hunters know they have found one) In fact the dogs had never left the men's side. The men noted the strange behavior of the dogs; they were acting very scared and where close to the fire.

Just about that time, one of the men noticed a huge white figure standing about 30 yards away, just watching them. He pointed out the creature to the rest of the men. All of these grown men were over come with fear and frightened. They took off running as fast as they could, dogs and all.

What took about a half hour getting to (the camp) took only about 10 minutes to get out of the same area. (To get out of the bottoms and all...they just ran through the brush, getting cut as they went)

They told a lot of people about what they saw, but few believed them. A black man named "Tommy" was one of the people that did believe them because he lived in the bottoms, and would hear really strange screams come from the bottoms, mostly at night! My father's brother-in-law got a few of his friends together, and drove down to the area on a dirt road. That dirt road went about a mile into the bottom area from the main road. It was also at night when they went down there; I guess they thought they would have a better chance of seeing something at night.

Were they starting to believe there was something down there? They followed the dirt road until it ended. Then they turned the car around and just waited. After a couple of hours, they heard something moving around in the brush behind the car. It was then that this huge white-haired creature stepped out, and started heading toward the car. The driver started the car and they drove out of there as fast as he could! The creature actually chased them (and kept up to them) all the way to the main road where they finally lost it. I don't know if there was ever any "monster" hunts for the creature, in fact I have no idea what they did back then. I know that my father never went hunting again after that, at least not in Red Oak Creek, Texas.

© Randall P. Chapman, Phoenix, Arizona 1996