Bigfoot Encounters

Ft. Bend County, Texas
... near the Brazos River approx 2006

A friend of mine, a special ed teacher in Texas helped me log in the database a sighting as reported by two of her students. This is the special ed teacher's story...

"Two of my 'Gifted and Talented' class students lived in an subdivision that had a tributary of the Brazos River and lots of cover for the deer and other wildlife. The two girls, who are Seniors in high school now, were the only players on the 9th hole of a golf course.

One of them was on the putting green while the other waited beside their golf cart. Both girls heard a horrible commotion in the woods to the left of the green. Less than thirty yards away and on the other side of the green a tall, hairy long armed "thing" suddenly ran into a cleared area, crossed the trail leading back to the clubhouse. He (the thing) stopped, looked at the girls; they were frozen with shock. Because I'd told their class Bigfoot stories and we'd had a number of intelligent discussions about these creatures; the girls felt sure they were looking at one. It's not uncommon; there have been sightings of Bigfoot in our county west of Houston, Texas in the past.

It happened around 6 p.m. on May 16 about four years ago on the golf course 9th hole at Sienna Plantation subdivision in southeast corner of Fort Bend County. The creek which ran through the golf course was a tributary of the Brazos River. There was a sighting along this river farther east and south in Brazoria County. Brazoria County is along the Texas Gulf Coast south of Houston. Fort Bend is north and somewhat west of this county. There have Bigfoot sightings in both counties but not recent ones.

I've lost touch with these two girls. Both are now Seniors in high schools here in Fort Bend County. I tried to get them to report the incident but they feared the parents wouldn't let them play golf at the club where it happened.

That's where it will probably need to stand unfortunately. Next time I will get sketches and eye witness statements after I hear a tale...

No name by request
Logged May 2010
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