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Brief Texas entries: These were among reports cited in an article by Marilyn Bailey for the Star-Telelgram, October 10, 2004...

In 2003, a motorist reported an 8-foot-tall Bigfoot crossing Texas 154 in
Harleton at Little Cypress Bayou.

In December 2001, a deer hunter saw a "7-foot, upright, stooped apelike figure,
dark brown in color." The creature, spotted near Marshall, was observed picking up apples.

In October 1995, a man was looking at land that he was considering buying near
Cleveland, 40 miles north of Houston. He found a creature lying on the ground that rose
on two legs, ran toward him and hit him in the chest. He caught the creature on video as
it retreated into the woods. The footage was later shown on the television show Strange Universe.

In June 1978, in Vidor, a couple moved out of their home because they'd had enough
of the Bigfoot sightings.

In the summer of 1976, a witness reported seeing a 12-foot-tall, silver-haired
bigfoot shucking corn in Hallsville, near Caddo Lake

Source: Copyright - DFW Star-Telegram October 10, 2004