Bigfoot Encounters

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Aroostook County, 2000

Bemis, Mooselookmeguntic Lake Labor Day 2004, see "stories"

Arrostook County, - Houlton, 1960's

Franklin-Oxford County Lines

Oxford County, 1998

Oxford County, two miles north of Canton January 2006
Trucker sees three sasquatches

Peneobscot County "The Maine Ridge Monster" 1988

Piscataquis County, 1980

Piscataquis County, July 12 2003

Sagadahoc County 2000 Investigator finds double line of 16 inch tracks...

Topsfield, Maine & Fredericton, New Brunswick CA 2002

Freedom, Waldo County 2007

Gardner, Washington County Maine, January 2005 tracks found

Washington County, the Meddybemp Howler Story recalled over Thanksgiving dinner- 2006

Washington County, more Meddybemp Lake stories...

More on the Meddybemps Howler area...

Historic Sasquatch Sightings: Maine

*Additional reports compiled by the IBS
Also see "stories"

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