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Between New Brunswick, Canada and Topsfield, Maine
July 28, 2002, afternoon between 1 and 3 pm

I was driving from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Topsfield, Maine; on Route 3 out of New Brunswick.

I came around a curve in the hot top road and saw a car parked on my side of the road. We were in a long stretch of wooded area; it looked swampy with no power poles or buildings. The next thing I noticed was a big dark upright man type thing walk left to right across my side of the road into the woodsy swampy area. The thing never looked up or at my car! It was approximately 400 feet away so I didn’t get detailed look but it was of the bigfoot kind of thing and it only took about 6 steps from the middle of the 2 lane road into the woods it took huge steps but not seemingly in a hurry. This area
was an isolated road very densely wooded, no power lines or buildings it seemed swampy like

The creature was dark brown, all covered with hair, thick muscular build and walked upright on two legs; looked gorilla size and type structure, very powerful build. It never looked anywhere but straight ahead kind of downward. I can’t believe what I saw!!! I know it was a Bigfoot.

I will swear to my death I saw a big foot!!! (I emailed this to another BF website, I don't remember)
Jeff Tobey
ednesday, June 30, 2004 7:34 PM