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More on the Meddybemps Howler area:

I just read about the “Maine Meddybemps Howler,”   The end of the article related an incident from a few years ago that took place on Stud Mill Road, north of Lower Sabao Lake.   A number of years ago, about 1990 (spring I believe), I had a possible sighting on Stud Mill Road, about 20 miles further west near Pickerel Pond and the old airstrip. 

I was showing my girlfriend the area where we had recently completed an Army ROTC exercise.  I had to go to the bathroom, and knew of an old gravel pit on the north side of the road.  When I walked in, I saw movement on the rim of the pit, about 50 yards away.  Something large, tall, and reddish-orange colored moved very quickly back into the tree line.  My mind told me that it was a moose, although I did not get a clear look at it.  While going to the bathroom, however, I got a very scared / creepy / intimidated feeling and rushed back to the car.  My girlfriend saw the look on my face and asked what happened.  I just told her to start driving and we left.  

Thinking about it, I could not explain it.  It was the wrong color for a moose or a deer.  It was the color of an orangutan.  There was no bounding motion like you get when a deer spooks and no white “flag”.  Also, moose generally watch you for a couple of moments before walking off.  In addition, there was no sound of anything walking through the trees and brush.  The impression I got is that whatever it was stepped back out of sight and waited for me to leave.  I have never had a feeling like that before.  It was a very distinct “leave here now” kind of feeling.

Thinking about its height, - maybe 6 foot, not much less than that.  I got the impression of a turning movement, when it disappeared; like it turned around and went the opposite direction.  That and the reddish – orange color caught my eye.  I did not think anything of it really, until I got the “feeling” that I needed to get out of there.  In hind sight what really stood out is there was no noise.  The area is covered in brush from logging operations, and second growth timber, but I did not hear anything.  That leads me to believe it just stepped back out of sight and waited – very unusual behavior for a deer or a moose.

Jerry McDaniel
Lebanon, MO

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