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Freedom, Waldo County Maine -

On Wednesday February 28 2007 at about 9 AM - A 27-year veteran school bus driver reported observing what had to have been a sasquatch on her way home. "...  it was about 9am when I saw movement ahead; I looked up to see this huge, hairy body make an about face. It was about to step out over the snow bank - then I saw it turn quickly and step back into the woods. It  stepped in the same tracks going back up the hillside as it did when it  came out. It had to be at least eight or nine feet tall, maybe taller... It had hair that swung away from the body as it turned and light  in color something between light brown to gray. I pulled up and stopped  to look. I could only see tracks and being alone I didn't dare to get  off the bus.

Later my husband, son, daughter and an old friend went down  to look at the tracks.The footprints were about sixteen inches long, spaced out at  about seven feet. We followed them up the side of the hill until it  became apparent that we were now on what even I   have to admit was deer  trail. I have seen many deer and I KNOW WHAT I SAW WAS NOT A DEER. It walked upright and didn't leap or hop. NEEDLESS TO SAY THEY  THINK I'M NUTS. BUT I KNOW IT WASN'T A DEER!!!!!!!!!


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