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Oxford County, Wilson’s Mill Maine
July 3, 1998 Route 16
(see map below)

My boyfriend and two young sons were camped in Upton, Maine. On July 3rd, 1998 we took a ride into Parmachenee Lake. The road to get there is off Rt. 16 in Wilson’s Mills, ME. We drove around most of the day, stopped for a cookout on private property and then headed out in the early afternoon, around 4:00 p.m.

We were riding in a truck, my friend driving and the two boys in the middle and I was on the passenger side. We came out of what I would call a wooded area at the top of a small hill, the hill rounded a small corner and then straightened out at the bottom. The area to our right side was an open area and the left side was wooded.

There were no other vehicles around there. We both saw it at the same time. He looked at me immediately and said "what did you just see", I looked at him and without even thinking and said "Saskatchewan."

What we saw was unimaginable. The creature stood on two legs, was very tall (approx. 7 feet), thin and was covered with long brown hair.

What was amazing was this creature never even acknowledged that we were coming towards him in the truck, although we were not close enough to hit it, the thing never acknowledged; it took about three amazingly huge strides to cross the two-way dirt road.

We slowed right down almost to a stop and looked into the woods. There was nothing in there. My boyfriend wanted to stop but I wouldn't let him because of the children. We also stopped discussing it at that time in fear of scaring the kids.

Our intent was to come back the next day to see if we could track anything but it rained really hard that night so we figured any tracks were gone.

The road this happened on was gated and I was able to get a key from my employer. This is why I mentioned it to the forester. I was hoping maybe he had heard similar stories.

The creature was on Bose Buck Mountain and headed towards Aziscohos Lake. Also in that area was an old gate near mile marker #12.

Logged September 2000