Bigfoot Encounters

At Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Bemis, Maine

September 2004 Labor Day Weekend

My friend and I (he's zoology student) decided to spend a part of our vacation time negotiating the Bemis Valley Trail. It's a tough climb for those of us not used to frequent alpine climbs, roughly like 12 to 15 mile loop through rugged country. The four peaks of Bemis are breathtakingly beautiful in the autumn. We took a side trail down to Mooselookmeguntic (sp?) Lake and arrived in time to watch the sun going down. We tacked down a two man tent and as we talked about turning in early, exhausted from the days hike, we heard movement, then saw a huge man-shaped shadow approaching the water's edge of the lake.

I ask Jim who he thought that was, we hadn't seen any other hikers around and this thing was huge. We stared briefly then he grabbed my hand. "get in the tent" he said. "why?""What is that?" He shushed me to be very quiet and we watched, being very still.

The dark figure waded into the water and stood very still for the longest time. Then suddenly like a shot, it took a header with its arms down by its sides head first into the lake. It was a huge splash!
The ripples faded along with the last rays of daylight and yet we kept staring into the darkening lake with wonder. How truly bizarre, I'm not used to seeing anything like that, I'm a city girl. Jim however was raised in the country, is nature savvy and seemed floored at what we just witnessed. I asked him if that could have been a big bear, he answered with a resounding "no, that was no bear, it was no moose." It was the biggest man I've ever seen or it was a bigfoot, but too dark to see details."

I laughed and said there is no such thing, I read about that man out in the West somewhere that made that story up. But Jim insisted they do exist and we had just seen one dive into the Mooselookmeguntic. He must be right because who would dive into that black as pitch lake at night? (If it ever surfaced, we didn't see it)

He got chills and started to shiver. He went quiet for a while, then said, "I wonder if you realize how rare what we just saw is? I didn't know what to say, but in my mind, I thought he really thinks that thing was a bigfoot.

He continued to shiver from exhaustion and probably excitement. As tired as we were that night, we didn't sleep much until almost dawn, Jim seemed awed by it, I didn't know what to think. We slept in until almost noon Sunday. We went down to the water's edge where this thing was last seen, there was one clear half of a barefoot print in the mud, pointing toward the water; the heel to the little toe showed and Jim figured it to be about 14 -15 inches long at that point, but longer at the big toe's end, that part now lost in the muck and mire. The heel width was about 6 inches, but we had nothing to measure accurately with but our hands and a flash light. (later I measured the span of my hand and I think the heel was 6 inches wide.) Neither of us could be certain about the length since the big toe and second toes were under water and muddied. The heel depth was at least 3 and 1/2 inches deep. Jim was very quiet and reflective on the trek home and preoccupied. During the drive he told me nobody would ever believe us and we ought to stay still about the incident last night.

That was a week ago, I've been searching the internet for information on bigfoots and found your website. Very informative and I was surprised to see other Maine reports. How interesting. I have mixed feelings. I thought bigfoot was a myth. Now I'm not so sure and I can tell you my friend is convinced they exist but he'll never talk about it for employment reasons, long story. Do you really think that is what we saw?

Don't use our names or home location. I'm only writing because I think others would want to know about the incident. That's it. We couldn't see any other details of the man or bigfoot. If you have questions, use my email, but do not make it available or publish our info

Logged September 2004

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