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Benzie County, 1977
older report

Cass County, 1946 - 1965

Delta County, early 1970's

Oscoda County, Mio 1976

Wayne County, February -1994

Foley Swamp, Oscoda County

Harrisville, Alcona County

Kalamazoo County, 2006 article...

Kalamazoo County, May 2002

Macomb County, July 2000

Macomb County March 1998

Mecosta County, 1977

Oakland County, December 1990

Oscoda County,- July 2000

Oscoda County, Autumn, 1990

Oscoda County, November - 1989

Oscoda County, Glennie - 1988

Van Buren County, Decatur 1990

Chippewa County, Brimley, MI

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