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Kalamazoo County, Michigan 
Near Plainwell

May 2002 12:30
Closest water: Silver Creek, Kalamazoo River and 19th st.

I was sitting at the computer doing some work. My brother & two of his friends were sitting in the other room. Then I heard a loud banging noise outside on our deck. At first I ignored the noise. Then it kept going on. I went and got my brother & his friends so we could all go check it out. We all went outside to check out the noise. We all at the same time saw the shadow & the creature kneeling at the east end of my yard by a street sign. Then it stood up & was a little bit shorter than the sign. Then we heard it run off to the north & as it ran it mad a loud thudding sound against the ground. It ran up the neighbor's driveway & splashed through a puddle, & continued up the driveway towards the barn. We ran back inside & grabbed blunt weapons in case we were attacked. We went out & heard the same low growls, & heard things crashing through the forest. The next afternoon we found a large footprint in a sand box, the print was approximately 15-17 inches long, 6-8 inches wide & 2-3 inches deep. We have a few pictures of the print.

Silver Creek runs through a swamp to the south, to the north there is a grassy field, to the west there is a field followed by more of the creek & the river & woods, & to the east there are more woods & the road.

It was about 7-8 feet tall. It had dark colored hair all over its body.

Drew Doster, Kelly Todd & Steve Bonger
Monday, May 27, 2002 at 10:51:25
This report under investigation by researcher Bob Daigle.