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Western Cass County, Michigan
Sumnerville 1946
The Dewey Lake Monster

My Memory of the Monster
My uncle owned a cottage on Cable Lake from 1946 on. I spent my summers there with my cousins from 1947 until 1965. I remember the "monster" as being called "the Dewey Lake Monster."

I also recall the local paper in 1964 reporting 3 teenage girls walking down a road (I can't remember the road name) at sunset that summer and the monster walking across the road in front of them into the haze of early evening. I remember the article mentioning that all the girls reported a horrible smell. One girl passed out -- the other two ran for help. The sheriff came out and there were a lot of people with high-powered rifles combing the woods. As I recall the road was a cross road to the road out of Sumnerville heading toward Cable Lake. I also recall that there was a quarry nearby the sighting.

On a personal note my cousin and I would explore the marshes to the West of Cable Lake and wander for hours without seeing anyone. There were a lot of Blueberry fields there as well. We would get that feeling when the hair stands up on the back of your neck and felt that something was watching or following us. We were two teenage boys and our senses were pretty good.

Now that I'm in my 50's I know that my feelings were not wrong. We would fish Cable Lake at nite -- it was pitch black and every star in the heavens was out. And you knew there was something out there on the shore. Remember Cable Lake was not very populated they didn't allow motors on boats and the road leading to the lake was dirt and gravel.

I live in Burbank, California now and haven't been back to the Cable Lake area since 1964; but I remember my senses telling me that something was there.
See investigator Bob Daigle

More information on the Dewey Lake Monster, aka Sister, Cable and Magician lakes Monsters: Several articles were published on the Cass County, Michigan bigfoot or lake monsters in True Magazine, June 1966; again in the New York Times August 17, 1966 and noted also in the INFO Journal 1 and the UK Sunday Express dated June 14 and July 1964 as cited by Odette Tchernine’s book “The Yeti” 1970. The National Observer then picked up the story that same year. (Short) Mr. and Mrs.John Utrup, Gordon Brown, Joyce Smith, Patsy and Gail Clayton and many other locals reportd a 9-foot tall black bigfoot-like creature in May and June of 1964. Earlier reports were noted as far back in the region as 1946. Even the local eatery picked up the frenzy of reports by stuffing a costumed bigfoot outside their establishment and offered monster burgers and monster brew to local diners. (Short)