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Glennie, Oscoda County, Michigan
November 1988 - between 2 pm - 4 pm

I was 9 years old at the time. My Grandfather owns a large amount of land in Glennie, Oscoda County. It is a wooded terrain with some areas "swampy" the land in the account I've submitted is vast; my grandfather bought a LONG time ago when he was very young and an acre was very inexpensive.

My family goes up there to hunt, and relax in the forest. There are many trails and we always take our "three-wheelers". I remember one day we went out on the trails to ride around and my dad's cousin got stuck somehow and I was riding on the back of our three wheeler with my mom driving.

I remember looking to my left and seeing this very large creature. It was probably 7 ft tall and was very hairy all over, like stringy hair and I did not see its face just the back of it walking very "sloth like" into the forest.

No one else saw this unfortunately; at the time of the occurrence the rest of the group was engrossed in the attempt to free my dad's cousins three-wheeler that was stuck. I remember being so terrified that i just buried my face into my mom's back and holding on for dear life. When I did tell my mom and dad about what I saw of course they laughed at me and said I was just a kid. I will NEVER forget what I saw; the image is forever burned in my memory. The animal was a very tall and had long arms almost "sloth-like". Its entire body was covered in long "stringy" hair. I did not see its face, the moment that I saw the creature it was turning and walking back into the forest.

I have told my husband and he says he believes me but my parents tell me not to tell the story to friends cause they don't want people to think I'm crazy. I know now that I am not and I am so glad to have found you site and to see that there have been other sightings in Oscoda County, Michigan. Thank you for letting me submit my sighting. I have told friends and family members, some believe me and some don't. Cassie

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