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Delta County, Upper Peninsula, Michigan
The landmass north of the Mackinaw Bridge extending west meeting Wisconsin.
Early 1970's

Dense woods or forest with elevation jumps with many streams and Lake Michigan close by. Nearest city would be Escanaba.

It was explained as a creature with bear like hair. It walked upright with very smooth glides and stood about 7 1/2 feet tall with massive shoulder width. It acted non-violent and non-interested.

This in not my sighting but of one explained to me by a friend. (Will) His father and uncle took him and his cousin from Bay City, Michigan up to the Upper Peninsula for their first big hunting trip away from home. They were staying at this remote cabin out in the deep woods. They planned to wake up early to arrive at their hunting positions before sunrise. They left the cabin at roughly 5:30 am and were driving slowly along a rough dirt road with ditches along the sides of the road.

Suddenly, my friend's cousin said from the passenger seat - looking to his right, "Dad, Dad, look at the bear, look at the bear". My friend's uncle slowed the vehicle and slightly wheeled it over to put the lights on the boy's excitement. At that moment all four people in the vehicle saw what appeared to be a bear crawling through the shallow ditch when suddenly the creature stood upright and walked out of the ditch, crossing the road in front of the vehicle and smoothly vanished within the darkness on the other side of the road.

Both youngsters were desperate for answers and very rattled. The father wasn't much better which only added to the fright of the youngsters. My friends uncle said to his brother, "what on God's earth was that we just saw?" The hunting trip was over, it was never said but it seemed none of the hunters were very excited about trekking through the same terrain as that unexplainable animal.

My friend also told me that over the years that this incident has been kept very quiet among the four individuals. His father told all before they left the cabin for home that it was best to shut our mouths rather than try to explain to others what we have seen and have these people ridicule and damage our names. The elders decided that it was an experience that one would have to go through to have the same reaction or even a possible belief of the tale. I feel privileged to have had the story told to me and I truly believe my friend, who is not one to tell of false tales or even talk much for that matter.

I am a soon to be High School Teacher in Mid-Michigan. I am very interested in the possible discovery of this creature. I cannot invest my entire life to this endeavor, but would like to be somewhat involved, what can I do to help or even participate on a minimal basis. Thank you for any information!

I can communicate with you about my friends sighting, but I would hate to reveal his name and location information due to the fact I do not believe he wishes to talk of his experience until more people believe in the creature. I feel that it is a remarkable story, but I know it scared the hell out of him and his family members present.

Informant information withheld. Thursday, March 22, 2001