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Harrisville, Alcona County
July 2000

Not far from Lake Huron

The creature was walking in the direction I was going on the road around 7:30 pm. It #had to have been 200 yards away. I saw a dark shadow moving around. I was hunting and it was a non-busy road. I shined the spotlight on it thinking it was a deer or something and when I shined it onto the creature, I said to myself, "Oh my god." The thing looked like it was 9 feet tall and it had red eyes. The creature made a roar noise of some sort and went off into the woods that were right next to it. It was about 9 feet tall; it had grayish brown shaggy hair except on its face. It was dark on its face; it had red eyes and was very well built it had a cone shaped like head and it had a stick in its hand like some sort of walking stick. It was July so it was very warm; lots of bushes scattered and a forest that had a name but I don't know it.

Witness details withheld; report logged by Bobbie Short Fri, 15 Sep 2000