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Allen County 1985

Aurora, 1977
Bartholomew County 2006 odd description
Gibson County, Camp Carson 1995
Knox County, 1977-1980
La Porte County, 1987
Parke County, Fallen Rock 1975
Parke County 2007
Putnam County Clinton Falls 1985
Putnam County 1990
Putnam County sighting by lady hunting Morel mushrooms April 2007

Putnam County Cloverdale - May 2007
Woman see BF on side of road near woods...
Putnam County Morton, August 2007
bigfoot activity...
Morgan County, Monroe 2001 Hunters flush out a sasquatch...
Morgan County, Martinsville 1991
Morgan County, Martinsville, 1984
Newport, 1985
Warrick County 1985
Wayne County, 1972
Wheatfield, 2000

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