Bigfoot Encounters

Morton, Putnam County, Indiana
August 2007

The male witness was sitting on his porch around 10:30 PM when he heard something coming from his apple trees; as he listened it sounded like kids climbing in the branches. He hollered and heard what sounded like whoever it was must have jumped from the tree, landing on the ground and walking off.

Not thinking much about it he went inside his home. A little later his dog became quite agitated and started growling and barking while looking out the glass patio sliding door. The man was watching television; he got up to see what his dog was so angry about and he too looked out the patio door.

What he saw was quite remarkable. He saw the silhouette of a black ape looking creature that had what he described as a head sitting on its shoulders with no neck. It appeared to be 7 to 8 foot tall. It stood motionless and stared the man down before it turned around and melted into the darkness. The man who saw it called law enforcement and they contacted me.

There is one thing that I did not find out until I did a follow up interview. When the man heard his dog barking he walked out side and he saw the creature. It was about thirty feet away. When he looked back toward his house, then looked back again, - the creature charged. Now it was only about twenty feet away; then it took off.

He saw it again about three nights ago walking the field next to his house and it was moving very quickly. Several of the people in the area have also seen it. This is just a short distance from my home as the crow flies (maybe three miles).

This fellow also informed me that while he was sassafras hunting and he found what appeared to be a nesting area on the ground that was several feet across that had been constructed out of branches, twigs and other debris. In the nest was different clumps of matted hair or fur. When he took his brother to the area a few days later the nest was completely destroyed and the hair and fur was gone. Have you ever heard of anything like this before?

I will keep you updated...
Larry Battson, Wildlife Educational Services, Inc.

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