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Knox County, Indiana 1977

My encounters, there are four; they're old though, but I'll relate just a few facts without all details:

Mid September 1977,
Two friends and I were walking to the river to check some throw lines, when we saw an old one take off running, (I say it was old because it's coloration was a white/grey). It was running on two legs fairly fast, it was dark, but we had flash lights and must of startled it, I suspect it was hunting. It looked like instead of a neck, it had a hump on it's back. Initially, we just thought it was just someone pulling a prank on us, so we took off running after it, but lost sight of it because it out ran us, crossed a high fence and vanished in the woods.

Mid October 1979, two different friends and I went out predator hunting at night. We would pull off the roads at likely looking spots, stick speakers out and play a rabbit in distress call, while waiting beside the car with flashlights and guns. At one spot we called in one that yelled/roared at us, its eyes glowed yellow, and it must've been younger, cause it was black. After it yelled again, when I shined my brighter light on it, (about 50 yards away), we shot at it and it sure busted brush getting out of there. It really shook me up.

3) My cousin and I went fishing, about mid June 1980, and heard one across the old bed from us right before dark, breaking sticks and just staying inside the foliage out of sight, it later crossed the old bed onto our side, it kept making this moaning noise getting closer and closer, until we could hear it in the horse-weeds right behind us, we were freaked. Then I heard my mother's car coming down the gravel road, we then heard it move off fast, but not as fast as we did!

4) Late Sept. 1980. I had my mom let me out at in a woodsy place before daylight so I could squirrel hunt, (not same place as June). I walked into the middle of woods and sat down to await light. Just as it was starting to get light enough I heard something moving my way through woods, when I heard it moan, I just got my 22 cal. ready but froze against tree. It passed by me at less than 50 yards.

It never even knew I was there! I guess I was lucky for the crosswind. It was also a younger one, (black), As soon as it got out of hearing I went the other direction, I never even hunted that day I just waited at the edge of woods until my mom came. (note): This last place is the EXACT same place, 20+ years later that this girl had her extremely close encounter. I've already made steps to contact her, but have not done so yet. All these encounters are within 3 miles of one another.

I am older and bolder now, so I hope to gain more insight, contact, or kill it if necessary, (if it attacks me), I just want to know, I've GOT TO KNOW! THANKS,

P.S. PLEASE, do not relate these to any one in a way that will pinpoint my location or me; I don't want alot of people tramping through my areas, perhaps scaring them off.

I wouldn't mind just one like-minded S.W. Indiana resident to help, and any first-hand information on how I should approach this would help. I've considered and bought night-vision, a semi-auto 30. cal. rifle, predator-calling tapes, and books, videos, and researched your web sight. I'm also planning on buying night-vision camera, and a cam tracker, and have just bought cast-making plaster, this will be a part-time thing cause of my work and coaching kids baseball, but I am determined.

The worse part is not really knowing more than what I do, but I guess that's also my motivator; That and the fact that people think I'm nuts if I mention anything about it. Any help will be deeply appreciated.
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