Bigfoot Encounters

Parke County, Indiana 2007

Activity of witness
Camping on neighbors property in a secluded area with 3 other teenagers, witness and three other teen agers was all involved, and witnessed the same thing

Location- Parke County, Indiana, weather- was in July on a hot night, skies was clear, with a clear moon, terrain- in a small valley in the deep forest with deep ravines and hidden creeks, with cave hangovers as shelters, the forest was a hard wood and deciduous trees

Investigator- Steve Abney
I went to the private property to interview the teenager and found him scared out of his wits, after calming him down, I ask what happened, here is his story with the other witness collaborating, including the property owner, picture of 19-inch footprint and casting made

What happened
Dave the name of the witness [does nor want to give out last name due to privacy of property owner] called property owner and ask if he and other neighbor teenagers could camp out in a certain area on property, [all in the age range of 15 to 16] and the property owner ok'd the camp out, the property owner and the 4 teenagers loaded wood up for the night camp out on ATV's and took the wood to the area, the wood was stacked as the other teenagers put tents and put up a Coleman lantern on a huge nail driven in to a tree near by the camp site, the lantern was hung about ten feet from a six foot wide creek with low water, and about 20 feet from the tent, the property owner made sure the kids had plenty of wood, food, and a shelter up, and left them with a portable cb radio to call if their was a emergency, and then went back to his house about a mile away, this all happened on a Saturday night, about dusk, then the boys made a huge camp fire and doing their story telling and acting like any teenager, there was one ATV left for them, as it got darker and later in the night, they kept hearing tree knocks far off, but was not concerned.

As midnight approached they all settled around the camp fire talking and telling jokes, when they heard the tree knocks getting closer, it was as if they was being surrounded, this scared them bad and the shouting among them was getting louder, they built the campfire into a bonfire in the small clearing where they was camping, but the fire only lit a small section of the forest and created shadows dancing around from the fire, then one tree knock as close as 20 or thirty feet away came booming through the stillness of the night and was close to the Coleman lantern they had hung a nail 20 feet from the tent, this scared three of the boys so bad they took of running while one of them took the only ATV, leaving only Dave there to cope with all this, Dave tried to radio the property owner, but it was shut off on that end; soon Dave built the fire up again, and sit on a cut off stump and was shaking with fear… the other three boys made it back to the house of the property owner to tell him of what was going on…

Dave then watched the lantern starting to sway back and forth, and got the courage to get up and walk to it but nothing was around not even the insect noises or birds noises, he walked back and sit on the stump.  About ten minutes later the lantern started swaying again, he jumped up and screamed and he saw a huge shadow come from behind the tree holding the lantern and run down the creek bed, shaking the ground around him and all this time the tree knocks was getting louder and closer, he saw lights approach him and it was the three boys and the property owner with flash lights…

They all looked around and could not find any thing because of the darkness, the property owner calmed the boy down and took all of them to the house and questioned them, and then took them home.

Steve Abney:
I received a call from the property owner the next day and was asked to come down and interview Dave, I went down as soon as I was available and the boy and property owner were waiting for me in the house… I have been doing past research on this property every week and had sightings there myself, so the property owner was accustomed of having this kind of activity going on,  I interviewed Dave first, he was calm and matter of fact about what had happened. He had a sighting at the age of seven, while with parents looking for mushrooms in the same area, he told me the above story and the property owner confirmed his part in the story.

The owner told me the tree knocks were still going on when he and the other boys went back to the area, the next day… the property owner also went back to the area and found 19-inch foot tracks imbedded in the sand along the small creek. He took pictures and a cast from it and showed it to me. I went to the area, and found the tracks myself, pictures of them are with report, I find these witness creditable and honest, as I have had sightings here my self, and I saw the area, and took photos and found tree formations, saw the casting and took photos of that…

Steve Abney
Thursday, November 25, 2010 8:11 AM

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