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Putnam County, Clinton Falls, Indiana 
(early 1985)

Three men went squirrel hunting in the woodlands just outside the village of Clinton Falls, Indiana in the spring of 1985.

They were in the forest before daylight and as in years past were anticipating good hunting. One of the young men could hear what sounded like an awfully large deer moving thru the brush. He decided to move over the ridge to get a better look.

As he gazed over the valley he did not see anything at first glance, but when he continued to look he could make out a form standing next to a tree. It was about 8 feet tall and covered in jet black hair or fur.

The young man raised his firearm and took aim, the animal then charged him for about three steps (bluff) and the man fell to his knees. At that moment the creature darted thru the woodlands screaming and the farther away it got the more aggressive the screams became.

When asked how fast it ran the man said as fast as a deer but instead of running around the smaller trees it simply ran over them.

A 17" track was found at the sight.  

Larry Battson
Friday, April 14, 2006